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Tuesday Tips!


Wheatgrass is a fantastic way to cleanse the system, but you don’t just have to drink the stuff! Try my Californian colonic for a new way to cleanse your system!

Wheatgrass is rich in minerals and vitamins, as well as helping to oxygenate the blood. It helps to purify the liver, aids the body in dealing with blood sugar problems and helps the body to heal itself. It has also been known to help with skin problems such as Eczema and psoriasis.

I recommend the Californian Colonic at EF MEDISPA Chelsea, as it infuses the wheatgrass directly into the blood stream, for a powerful cleanse. Prices start at £250.






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Guest Blogger Amerley Ollennu: Lash Perfection

Extension addict Amerley!


 Amerley Ollennu is a freelance health and beauty writer who lives and works by the motto ‘I will try anything once’. She has written for publications such as Psychologies, Beauty Magazine, Glass and Amerley road tests lash extensions at EF MEDISPA.



Marilyn Monroe may have gone to bed wearing only Chanel No 5, but she never graced the red carpet without a set of show stopping lashes. From the basic strip lashes of the Golden era’s Hollywood starlets to the innovative lash extensions of today’s box office beauties, one thing is clear: these girls know that enhancing their natural lashes ups the ante in a big way. For us non-celebrity folk the holiday season is the perfect time to raise the glam stakes, and give this look a try too.

I entrusted talented extension expert Kelly Hanys with the task of applying mink extensions to my natural lashes, and was astounded by the results. Both synthetic (also available) and mink extensions give a great look, but mink is a lot lighter, allowing for more than one extension to be applied per natural lash. This meant Hanys could build volume (I wanted lots) and length to create a bespoke look that suited my personal style.

Extensions last for up to eight weeks, and are a great solution for people who have sparse or stumpy lashes. For others it enables them to achieve a little more drama without the daily hassle of applying lashings of mascara. I am already a big extension fan but had never tried mink until now. So if like me, you aim to channel a Hollywood siren this award season, mink extensions are the way forward – they make every day a red carpet moment.

Eyelash extensions at EF MEDISPA St John’s Wood start from £160 and Kelly is currently available on Fridays

Dispatches from Switzerland: PEP 8 – The Superhero of facials



I love to travel yet no matter how brightly the sun shines or how sweet the wine tastes, I always keep my eyes peeled for incredible new beauty products and treatments. This year, I came across a really revolutionary Swiss facial that’s set to rival Botox. For ladies out there who are serious about age maintenance but are shy of needles and knives, the Pep 8 is your new holy grail of skin perfecting! It includes a six-step process that relaxes muscles around the eyes – without damaging the skin tissue.

The hero product is the bamboo mask that’s soaked in a high-tech cocktail of antioxidants and peptides that deeply hydrates and nourishes the skin, stimulates collagen production and blurs out lines – like having your own computer airbrusher! Having tried it myself, I can confirm the results are incredible. Not only that, but the lifting massage techniques and inclusion of sweet almond and orange oils, vitamin E cream and oxygenating ingredients means it’s a divine experience too.

For best results, I’d recommend a course of five treatments every five to 10 days – and we’ll even give you a mask to do at home in between. Like the multitasking Little Black Dress you can always rely on to skim your curves and make you look and feel fab, this is the do-it-all facial that’s really a heavenly way to have younger looking skin!


Tuesday Tips!



Bushier eyebrows are back in vogue this winter, making the naturally generous brows of Cara Delevingne, Ashley Olsen and Lily Collins the most wanted brows since Brooke Shields! For ladies with naturally sparse eyebrows (they can often thin as we get older as well) I would recommend semi-permanent make-up for the High-Def Brows look. I get mine done with Annie Parks at EF MEDISPA Chelsea, or Kelly Hany’s at EF MEDISPA St John’s Wood, and they make the world of difference to your face, instantly making you look more ready. Stick on a pair of couture eyelash extensions and you can practically go make-up free!


Cara Delevinge looking beautious for Burberry


Semi-permanent make-up and eyelash extensions are available at EF MEDISPA St John’s Wood and Chelsea. Prices start from £160 for the eyelashes and £250 for HD brows.

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