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Tuesday Tips!

Are you looking for a treatment that makes you look instantly more youthful? Whitening your teeth not only makes you feel more confident, but it also makes you look younger! Try laser teeth whitening with my cosmetic dental suite at EF Kensington.

At EF MEDISPA we use advanced laser technology and professional whitening gel to efficiently and safely remove the stains that have accumulated on your teeth over time. The laser activates the whitening gel, releasing oxygen ions which gently lift the stain away without heating or harming the tooth. This is available at my Kensington Church Street Spa, with our award winning dental hygienist Henriette Brown!

Laser teeth whitening starts at £350.






As recommended by InStyle magazine for ‘precise pearly whites’



Guest blogger: Alex Longmore on London Fashion Week

Alex Longmore


Alex Longmore is an exciting and dynamic celebrity stylist with a passion for fashion and over fifteen years of invaluable experience in the industry. Not only is she ranked as one of London’s top fashion stylists, Alex also launched her ‘Style School’ in September 2009 and teaches young students to be future fashion stylists!

 Find out more about Alex’s Style School here: 


Here Alex guest blogs about London Fashion week!

Super FROW at Burberry


My favorite show was by far and away Burberry. It was a seriously slick show, starting on time, which is virtually unheard of for London Fashion Week when everyshow is chaotic, disorganised and famously nearly everyone runs late. All the uber fashion press were in attendance including Anna Wintour in her de rigor shades, who had flown over especially from NYC for the event. Stars lined the front row, including; Rosie Huntington- Whitely, Alexa Chung and the handsome actor Eddie Redmayne, who is the face of the brand. It was held in a glass structure in Hyde Park specially built for the occasion. From my seat in the 2nd row, all you could see were the towering trees around which was perfect to create the woodland fantasy that the show was all about! The English countryside was Burberry designer Christopher Bailey’s inspiration and the mood was aristo eccentricity, mixed with country house chic. Deep velvets and cords in purple, mustard and bottle green dominated the catwalk. Animal motifs were shown on nearly all the outfits and I loved the gold fox head belts, owl motifs. The cut off parka jackets were just genius and the whole collection made me so proud to be British. The show finale saw fake rain beating down on the side of the glass panels and thousands of plastic raindrops descending on the audience from the Gods.


My favorite piece from Fashion Week was the beautiful sea green dress that Jemma Kidd was wearing at the uber fashionable party held at St Marks Club in Mayfair on the Saturday night of Fashion Week. It was the party of fashion week and was in aid of English brand Belstaff who have now turned their attention from leather wears to the most stunning ready to wear pieces, all tailored beautifully but still designed with an edge to them. The dress Jemma was wearing from the Autumn Winter collection was simply stunning and I predict exciting times for Belstaff in the seasons ahead.

Jemma Kidd in Belstaff


When it came to the key beauty trends, I loved the grunge look at Jena Theo, the slick back pony tail and the heavy eye make up always make a dramatic look for the Winter especially when worn with eveningwear. Nearly every show saw blue nail varnish which will make a refreshing change from black and the greys made fashionable this winter.

Jena Theo



What will we all be wearing next Autumn? I predict knee length skirts and a lot of them, they were seen on practically every catwalk from Christopher Kane to Erdem. Luxurious over-sized knitwear at Mulberry and Top Shop Unique. Purple and berry colours are set to be huge too along with belts and leather gloves. Autumn Winter is about functional daywear and practical dressing up!


Christopher Kane



Mother of the groom beauty boot camp – Part 1


After many years of eager anticipation, my big day has finally come – I am to be the Mother of the Groom (MOTG). So what’s a woman to do when she’s got to cut a seriously stylish dash in the height of the French summer sun? Set out on a six month beauty bootcamp to whittle my waist, get my arms uppers in shape and give my skin enough glow to look great in the photographs. The MOTG countdown starts here so here’s the plan…


Yoga is an essential part of my plan.. What do you mean that's not me?

1. THE WORKOUT – I’ve been bringing out the pink boxing gloves and pulling some heavy punches with my fabulous trainer, Luke Gray. Combined with my favourite Jivamukti yoga, I’ve dropped three inches from my waist and half and inch off my thighs and arms. And as for my hips? Not an ounce! Here’s hoping for more success in the months to come.

2. THE DIET – Ok, so I slipped last night. But faced with the antipasti, breads, hot olives, veal Milanese and meringue, (and that’s not to mention the killer Bellinis!) at London’s new gastronomic hotspot, Downtown Mayfair I was powerless to resist! But with the clock ticking on my MOTG appearance, it’s back to the lean protein and veggies for me as of tomorrow. I promise.

3. THE OUTFIT – I’m thrilled to have been advised that pink is the colour for stylish MOTGs. I’ve been having a flick through some magazines and think I may go for a shocking cerise – something tulle and floaty that’s perfect for the French summer sun. Watch this space for wardrobe updates…

4. THE TREATMENTS – I’m booked in for a course of EF MEDISPA’s ingenious AWT (Acoustic Wave Therapy) and Spa RF to break down cellulite on my thighs and tighten and tone my upper arms. And for my face – it’s a winning combination of vitamins and hyarulonic acid included in our High Frequency Meso Therapy treatment that’s perfect for plumping skin and adding a glow.

I’m aiming to lose three to six inches off my hips and another four inches off my waist – so wish me luck and look out for MOTG bootcamp part two!



Tuesday Tips!

Something a lot of people don’t realise is how essential it is to use a cleanser which is right for your skin. This is especially important if you live in a big city, where your skin will get clogged up with all kinds of pollution and dirt. The right cleanser will clean your skin without stripping it of essential oils, as well as allowing your serums, anti-oxidants and moisturisers to penetrate into the skin more easily.

If you’re not sure which cleanser suits your skin type, come in and have a chat with my girls at any of the EF MEDISPA clinics. They have all been trained within an inch of their lives to recognise skin types and which products will be best for you. I switch between Cosmedix Benefit Clean and Dermaquest C-Lipoic Cleanser. You can get both of these products from all EF MEDISPA locations.




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