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A Little bit of Mykonos Magic!


I hate to have to rub it in but while the UK was paddling their way through a washed-out Jubilee weekend, I was sunning myself on the beautiful island of Mykonos during a heavenly yoga retreat – sigh! But if the very idea of a ‘retreat’ summons up images of Spartan, lentil-based food and hours of meditative solitude – think again.

The true sybarite that I am, I packed my yoga leggings and headed to the five-star Cavo Tagoo Hotel for a week of luxury and limb lengthening led by Jivamukti teachers, Danai and Narayani. With about 20 people in attendance, we were an eclectic group and I met some fascinating people with a whole variety of jobs – everything from hedge fund managers and restaurateurs to teachers and BBC Execs. And what a riot we had!

Danai and Naraynia

As Mykonos’ partygoers stumbled home at dawn, we were up and about for three hours of morning yoga. Then it was on to a delectable breakfast – a miraculous spread of everything from healthy fruit to utterly naughty cheesecakes, chocolate croissants and sweet cakes. And naturally, I considered it my duty to test them all!

For lunch one day we took a boat trip and headed for the island of Dylos, which is home to beautiful ancient ruins and is apparently one of the brightest points on the planet. Then it was a light sushi supper and an evening meditation session to set us up for a fabulously restful night of beauty sleep.



And of course, I had to indulge in a bit of beauty testing. I had a fabulous massage that was so relaxing, I fell fast asleep – and my therapist left me on the table snoozing away! And just because it was my birthday, I headed into Mykonos town, went on a gold rampage and simply couldn’t resist getting some jewellery as a present to myself and a memento of my stay. Between you and me, the only thing that caught my eye and perked me up more than the delicate glisten of my new purchases was the Adonis-like bodies of the Greek men strolling down the beach!

A trip to London Zoo!

My husband Victor and I had a great evening at London  Zoo last night! We were there for Dr Dan Reinstein’s summer party and I put on a fabulous Georges Rech frock specially for the fun occasion.

Below are some photos of me and the penguins!




Tuesday Tips!

As this week is Love Your Gut Week it is only fitting that my Tuesday Tip about loving your gut the EF MEDISPA way! Gut Week was set up with the aim to encourage people to take a look at their diet and lifestyle choices to have a healthier gut, which can help with a vast array of problems and ailments.

At EF MEDISPA we offer a menu of colonic hydrotherapy treatments to cleanse your body of toxins and help with a number of digestive disorders to keep your gut happy!

In general, colonic hydrotherapy therapy may provide many benefits, including the following:

  • Reduced bloating
  • Reduction of trapped wastes and gas
  • Enhanced immunity by reducing the workload of the lymphatic system
  • Improves poor digestive performance
  • Reduction of IBS-like symptoms
  • Reduced transit time of wastes
  • Reduced toxicity
  • Improved balance of good to bad bowel bacteria
  • Improvement absorption of nutrients
  • Re-education of the bowel muscle to improve elimination function
  • Helps with stress
  • Helps with fatigue
  • Helps with skin complaints

At EF MEDISPA have several different colonics available at both our Chelsea and St John’s Wood clinics, including the Californian Colonic (using wheatgrass), the zone-out colonic and traditional colonic hydrotherapy.

Visit or call 0207 368 76 76 for more information

Marie Claire loves colonics at EF MEDISPA!

EF MEDISPA colonics in Marie Claire

A PRP Update from Paris

An update from Paris!


As our clients who have tried and tested this incredible anti-aging innovation will know from the results, PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) therapy is leading the way in techniques that help us reclaim our lost youth. The process involves extracting key factors within your own blood plasma, then re-injecting them into the skin to boost healing, repair and regeneration. Not for nothing is it sometimes referred to as ‘Dracula therapy’!



Yet while we’ve been offering the treatment for some time, I can reveal that we’re soon to be making the next generation of PRP therapy available to our clients. Last weekend, Dr Sabine Zenker – an expert in this field – came to London from Paris and had a session teaching EF MEDISPA technicians about the latest scientific findings that are set to make the results of the treatment even better. New ways of maximising its benefits means we’re soon going to be able to use it around the tear duct and on the neck – as well as for overall skin rejuvenation. I’m also going to be testing it on my décolletage – an area that’s particularly prone to UV damage and accelerated aging during summer that cannot be treated with lasers when the sun is shining.


Be beach body ready!


So for my ultimate, super-duper summer body-perfecting regimen, I’m combining PRP with Micro-needling and Radio Frequency to tighten, tone and ward off crepey chest syndrome. Then clocking in for some sessions of our fabulous Rio Blush carboxy therapy to get my thighs and back in tip-top condition. Rio Blush not only tackles notoriously stubborn cellulite but it also combats those problems women of a certain age experience – what I call ‘hormonal thighs’ (an unsightly pad at the top of the legs) and ‘boob pits’ (an equally unattractive splurge just above the bra strap). I’ve had clients that have reported dropping as much as two dress sizes after a few sessions – so with a bit of miracle-working technology here and there, we can keep the fact that we ever had hormonal thighs and boob pits a secret that never needs to be shared!

For more information on any of the treatments mentioned please visit or call 0207 937 5554

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