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*Happy Birthday to us, Happy Birthday to us…*


Yes, to the flickering of candles, the sound of singing and a big birthday bang, EF MEDISPA is celebrating its 5th anniversary! When I opened the first clinic five years ago, (who’d have thought we’d have not one, not two but three locations already?!) I wanted to improve the communication between women and beauty experts. So often I find that women are too embarrassed to ask the questions they really want to know about aging, changes in their body – and how best to make themselves look and feel fabulous in a way that’s right for them. I’m happy to say that I’ve lost count of the number of women we’ve helped do just that over the past five years.


So we decided to celebrate in style! Having kicked off with a glorious summer party in Holland Park’s Orangery last weekend (see the pictures here), we’ve got a series of special events planned to bring our lovely clients even more ways to gen up on the latest skin-saving techniques and products. Early next year we’ll be hosting a skin festival attended by incredible speakers who’ve promised to bring us up to date on the latest industry innovations. There’ll also be skin doctors and experts on hand to offer consultations and tester treatments. One of the founding principles of EF is that beauty really comes from within – so this month I’m also off to a major London skin conference to learn more about how our hormones play a part in aging – before bringing the fruits of my findings back into the clinic!


I firmly believe that aging is optional, that you really can feel 40 when you’re 60 and that you can look youthful and vibrant forever. So here’s to another five years of bringing first class beauty to London!

Happy Birthday to us!!

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Tuesday Tips!

Keeping the body hydrated is absolutely essential for clear, beautiful skin and healthy, happy insides. We all know we should try and drink two litres of fluid a day, but it’s easy to forget if you’re not feeling thirsty! I spoke with EF MEDISPA’s head of colonic hydrotherapy at our Chelsea Spa, Victoria Cooper, for her top tips on keeping the body hydrated.  It’s not just about lugging a huge bottle of Evian around with you everywhere, there are different tricks you can use to make sure your body doesn’t go without.

Victoria explains:

  • A good intake of fruit and vegetables is the key to keeping the body hydrated.  This is because the fluid in fruits and vegetables is structured differently and it is therefore more easily absorbed into the body than, say, tap or bottled water.  Watery fruit (for example; grapes) and watery vegetables (for example; tomatoes or celery) are more useful than something more solid (for example; sweet corn) in terms of hydration.
  • Plenty of water and other fluid intake (for example; soups, juices, herbal teas) is also helpful.  The recommended overall amount to drink per day is somewhere between 1.75 and 2.5 litres of fluid daily, spaced out through the day rather than ingested in one fell swoop, with the remaining amount coming from our food intake.
  • Alcohol is dehydrating for the body, so do try and avoid it!
  • Too much in the way of salty foods will make us feel very thirsty, so try and up your liquid, fruit and vegetable intake if you give into your salty food cravings!
  • The colon itself is where a lot of fluid is absorbed, together with electrolyte minerals.  If the colon is congested with trapped waste, the body is also absorbing this toxicity, together with those fluids. If you’d like more information on how to improve your colon function, please visit me for a consult at Chelsea (or Michelle at St John’s Wood) and we can talk to you about the benefits of colonic hydrotherapy.
  • The body needs plenty of fluid both to carry out its metabolic functions, and to carry away the waste from those metabolic functions.
  • If there is a shortfall of fluid intake in the body, the colon views its contents as being an emergency source of fluid, so it will withhold elimination.  This is obviously not a helpful situation, so I would recommend a healthy intake of fruit, vegetables and fluids every day to assist with general health, immunity and elimination.

Keep hydrated!

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EF MEDISPA Fifth Birthday Party!


Here are a few snaps from the EF MEDISPA Summer party at the Holland Park Orangery on Saturday 18th August – to celebrate 5 whole years of EF MEDISPA! It was a double celebration as my youngest son Theo had just got married to my fabulous new daughter-in-law, Natalie!

Guests included friends, family, suppliers and the growing EF MEDISPA team. We sipped on Pimms, Prescecco and elderflower infusions!  After much deliberation (and yes, we had to have a few tastings…) the food was a mixture of very traditional and Asian inspired cuisine, all topped off with blackberry and apple crumble with clotted cream for pudding!  The music was provided by the amazing saxophonist Heather Hoyle and her fantastic band.

We all had a fantastic evening – someone even ended up in the pond! – so thanks so much to everyone for coming and for all their support of EF MEDISPA over the years. We had so much to celebrate and we’re already plotting bigger and better things for the next five years!

As Victor said in his speech, “You ain’t seen nothing yet!” 


The artist Boyarde Messenger, James Armitage and me!

EF MEDISPA's Amy, Rudi Fieldgrass and Tej Samani

St John's Wood's Michelle and Charlotte

EF MEDISPA's Lucy and our PR Alex

The Orangery

The EF Team and friends Listening to Victor's speech

Victor mid-speech!

Tanya Eghiayan, Paul Edmonds and me!

The new Mr and Mrs Fieldgrass!

EF MEDISPA Chelsea girls Faye, Clare, Maddy and Zuleimy

Me and our designer Benedict Wilhelm

Our amazing saxophonist Heather Hoyle


Tuesday Tips!

We have lots of lovely gentlemen who visit the EF MEDISPA locations, and I do sometimes feel that I neglect them with my Tuesday Tips! So today I’m all about the boys! Just for you, I’ve put together my top three tips for male skincare…


1. Identify your skin type:  The products you buy should reflect your type of skin.  This may sound daunting but really it’s not hard to identify as the categories merely imitate the feel of your skin when you run your fingers over it. There’s oily, dry, normal and combination and the products available on the market cater for these differences.  Using the wrong product can result in intensification of the already existent problems (making oily skin oilier etc…).  It’s scientifically proven that men have substantially larger pores than women which means that it’s even more important for you to deep cleanse their skin. For help decoding the skincare regimes, visit our EF MEDISPA clinics and have a complimentary skin analysis with one of our aesthetic therapists – they will guide you to the best products for your skin.


2. Take care when shaving: Prepare your face and neck with a facial wash (I recommend Cosmedix Benefit clean) to remove any dirt & will leave your skin feeling soft and clean.  Then apply a gel or cream (try the Results Rx Gentle Clean – which softens facial hair just before shaving) to the area to give you a smooth shave.  NEVER RUSH as you will cut yourself which is not a desirable look!


3. Moisturise your face:  Cast aside your preconceptions – there is nothing emasculating about applying moisturiser.  Put simply, moisturising your skin protects it from the elements and makes you look youthful in later life. After washing and shaving your face pat it dry with a paper towel and then add a moisturiser and an SPF, an important factor whatever the weather. Also forget the idea that Oily skin doesn’t need to be moisturised: WRONG!  Men with oily skin should just use an appropriate moisturiser. SkinCeuticals, Cosmedix and Dermaquest all do great moisturisers, pop into one of the Spas and we can help you choose the best for your skin.


If in doubt, always think Carey Grant!


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