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Guest Blogger – Stylist Alex Longmore at London Fashion week!

Stylist Alex Longmore





Stylist Alex Longmore is an exciting and dynamic celebrity stylist with a passion for fashion and over fifteen years of invaluable experience in the industry. Not only is she ranked as one of London’s top fashion stylists, Alex also launched her ‘Style School’ in September 2009 and teaches young students to be future fashion stylists!

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Read all about London Fashion week Spring/Summer 2013 below – Alex has blogged her insights into what you will be wearing next year!


Burberry Spring Summer 2013


My favourite show  – By Far Burberry, it was so exciting, chic and everything a show should be. A celebrity packed front row included Dita Von Tease, the very sexy Aaron Paul from hit drama Breaking Bad and Harry Styles from One Direction, were all there to see models Cara Delevigne and Jourdan Dunn strut their stuff down the catwalk to VERY loud music from Lana del Ray and Annie Lennox. Every fashion editor worth her weight in Prada was there. The venue was the same as last year in the most enormous glass box in the middle of Kensington Gardens. The show celebrated British Quality of design with bright neon colours, lace in green, satin knee length skirt and of course lots of Burberry’s signature – Trench Coats. The finale saw all the models coming out wearing brightly coloured trenches in neon colours, reminiscent of quality street sweet wrappers – one of those truly magical fashion moments which will go down in history.


THE dress of the season at Caroline Charles


My favourite piece – it has to be the floor length white outfit at Caroline Charles. I am huge fan of Grace Kelly and this antipithises her style. Its all about Riviera chic and this outfit is elegance defined. Its so Grace into Catch a Thief its untrue.


Return of the Vamp at Jonathon Saunders


My favourite beauty trend – The dark red lips and black eye liner at Jonathon Saunders. So 70’s vamp and really dramatic for Spring Summer which is normally all about pastels and perfect skin. It makes such a refreshing change.


LFW spring/summer 2013


What will we all be wearing Spring Summer 2013 – lots and lots of prints, silks and dresses. Pattern was everywhere. Neon brights and lots of black.


Find out more about Alex’s Style School here:


Tuesday Tips!


While entering into deepest darkest September doesn’t automatically put one in the laser hair removal frame of mind, now is actually a great time to get started on a course at EF MEDISPA. While your limbs are hidden beneath cashmere and thick, black tights, you can concentrate on zapping unwanted hair without anyone being any the wiser! Come Spring you’ll be hair free and the pain of plucking, waxing, shaving and epilating will be a distant memory.

Permanent Laser hair removal is one of our most popular treatments, but people often have a lot of questions about the process. So this Tuesday’s tip is full of advice from our head therapist at St John’s Wood, Charlotte Johnson. I got her to answer some of our most frequently asked questions for you…


For hair-free pins a supermodel would be proud of!


How does laser hair removal at EF MEDISPA feel? 

I can promise it is totally pain free! You will feel a tingling sensation and warmth from the laser. The darker and courser the hair the more tingling sensation you will feel. The Superior laser has a cooling head, which can be used more if you are feeling uncomfortable; your therapist will make sure you feel as comfortable as possible.


Is it totally safe in that intimate area?

Completely safe; it is a very superficial wavelength so it only travels to hair follicles and nowhere else in the body.


Can every hair colour have it?

Unfortunately if you’ve gone grey we can’t use the treatment and red heads can be problematic. However with the Superior laser we use, we can treat really fair hair, which was previously not possible. Also, a lot of our clients with darker skin thought they couldn’t have it, but it’s totally safe on dark skins and there is no risk of pigmentation.


What’s the optimum time between treatments? 

 Depending on the hair type, we would recommend between 4 – 6 weeks. If your hair grows quite fast then it can be nearer four weeks, but by the end of the course hair growth will have slowed right down, so it will be nearer six weeks. With every client I treat them on an individual basis, so we do what is right for them and their body, rather than follow a rigid set of rules.


Does hair fall out immediately or is there a ‘wait’ time?

 During the treatment period, you have to wait for the hair to come out of follicle, which takes about a week. You then you have a hair free period, which varies but is generally 2 – 3 weeks.  


It is true you can shave between treatments but not wax or epilate? 



Is the treatment permanent?

The hairs treated are gone for life! You may need some maintenance treatments in the future for new follicles


How many treatments to get rid of the average bikini line?

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve left the area you want the hair removal from, as we will shave this area before treatment. So, depending on the hair type, you will generally need 6 – 8 treatments for the bikini line. 


Do you need any special aftercare?

Yes – protect area with broad spectrum sun block. We would also perform the procedure when you have the lightest possible tan. It is also highly recommended that you have a two week period out of the sun before and after your treatment.


If you would like any more information on laser hair removal or if there is a question you have that isn’t on this blog, please call 0207 937 5554 visit or pop into one of the clinics!



New Shoes?

Do you like my new shoes – they are quite something else aren’t they! I’m as tall as the girls in the office now…


If you’d like your own pair, then hot foot it to Isabel Marant. They are selling like hot cakes!




Can you buy good skin?

Here at EF MEDISPA we believe anything is possible – even being able to buy perfect skin! With the arrival of our £25,000 Haute Couture skincare programme with cult French brand Biologique Recherche, all your skin woes can be solved in a six month course the press are calling  “as tailored to you as Kate Middelton’s wedding dress“.

Personally prescribed by renowned skincare specialist Dr Philippe Allouche, of Biologique Recherche, the Haute Couture programme is currently exclusively available at EF MEDISPA. We will be flying in Dr Allouche several times a year to meet with our top clients and work with them very closely on their totally bespoke skincare programmes. Your individual products are prepared from original botanical and biological ingredients at the Biologique Recherche laboratory in Paris following an extensive skin measurement. Each product is completely tailored to your skin; the skincare is refined throughout the programme to suit your skin perfectly at every stage. This is 6 month programme including a facial each month at EF MEDISPA using your prescribed products.

If your budget is a little tighter than £25,000 we have an amazing selection of off the shelf Biologique Recherche products which start at just £23, we also offer bespoke Biologique Recherche facials for £250.

Take a look below at some of the fabulous press we have had about the Haute Couture programme: Vogue, ELLE, Tatler and Sunday Times Style!


For more information on the Haute Couture programme please take a look at our website or call 0207 937 5554


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