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Tuesday Tips!

After a trip to see Skyfall  this weekend, we can safely say that EF MEDISPA have caught James Bond fever!  Fifty years young and still looking fabulous, Bond is synonymous with luxury, style and beautiful women – not unlike EF MEDISPA! So for this Tuesday’s tip, I thought you might like a little Bond inspired opulence in your life and, yes, on your skin…

Treat your skin to a dose of luxury at EF MEDISPA with the Dermapure 24 Kt Gold Mask. More than just an indulgence, Gold is renowned for its healing properties, helping to repair and rejuvenate the skin. The Gold facial mask contains 24kt gold nano particles which work with active ingredients to hydrate and heal the skin. for the best results, the calming collagen gel mask is placed over the skin after a nourishing facial or micro-needling treatment.

Be a golden girl at EF MEDISPA


To find out more about the amazing range of Dermapure products and treatments available at EF MEDISPA visit or call 0207 937 5554


Beauty, buffets and bootcamp on the high seas!

It's cruise o'clock!


If you’re of a jealous disposition – look away now. Yes, because while many people have been slogging through the cold, dark days of October, I’ve just unpacked my sea legs after cruising around Key West, The Cayman Islands and Jamaica.  In fact, it was all aboard the huge cruise liner for my cousin’s honeymoon – to which friends and family were invited! And forget lounging around in the sun, from the second our feet touched deck, it was all go – and temptation was everywhere in the form of food! There were restaurants, sushi bars, steak joints, cocktails and cakes and – on tap at every hour of the day. I have to admit to falling off the wagon a teeny bit during what was every sweet-toothed person’s cocoa-coated dream…chocolate afternoon! Think 20 different cakes, ice cream flavours galore and chocolate fountains streaming out their dark, glossy lusciousness and surely you’ll excuse me for succumbing to temptation?!


Catching Star Fish in the Caribbean by Gran Caymans


But it’s my belief that beauty lies in a balance. So after a little of what I fancied at the chocolate buffet, I bowed to my inner fitness angel and booked in for the on-board bootcamp to sweat out my sins on the ‘travelator’, (aka the treadmill). I also notched up some extra calorie burning points by joining in with the non-stop Jamaican parties, learning new steps and dance moves as the deckside DJs kept energy levels running high with the distinctive sounds of the Caribbean.


How about this for having the beach to yourselves!


But then – oh no – disaster struck as we hit a storm and I suffered from terrible seasickness! Luckily I’ve got a sixth sense when it comes to finding the greatest beauty technicians whenever – and wherever! So within the blink of an eye I was booked in with the resident acupuncturist. And for all your acupuncture cynics out there, the proof was in the pudding after she applied small pads to pressure points in my ear and made my nausea disappear without a trace. Just in time for me to snatch an afternoon of swimming with the sting rays in crystal clear waters, a night of howling along to live comedy – and ok, having one last dip at the chocolate bar. Six days, seven nights and I’d had a high seas riot. I just wish all my friends would invite me on their honeymoons!


Dawn in Jamaica

Tuesday Tips!

I have a very special Tuesday Tip for you this week – EF MEDISPA’s beauty astrologer and life coach, Linda Joyce, is travelling over from New York and will be in London and available for appointments at our Chelsea Spa. Linda is a great friend of mine and very kindly writes my blog’s beauty horoscopes every month (you can find October’s here and November’s will be posted on the 1st) and works with our clients to help them search for greater truth and understanding in their lives.

Linda is available on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th October with limited availability.

To book a reading with Linda call Chelsea on 0207 368 7676


Linda Joyce - EF MEDISPA’s beauty astrologer and life coach


To find out more about linda visit or



Colonic Hydrotherapy – beat the bloat

Be inspired by Jennifer Aniston's perfect flat tummy

This winter, looking gorgeous starts from the inner glow of good health! Winter is often the time when people get run down or stressed; A Zone Out Colonic at EF MEDISPA is a great way to relax during the busy winter months and also has the added benefit of giving you a fantastically flat stomach!

Head of colonics at EF MEDISPA Chelsea, Victoria Cooper, explains the benefits of colonic hydrotherapy on bloated tums:

Bloated tummies are usually uncomfortable tummies – that horrible feeling of wanting to go to the toilet but nothing actually shifting when you are there can indicate that the body is struggling to maintain an efficient elimination function. The bloating can stem from several sources, including accumulated unexpelled wastes, excess gas from fermentation, putrefaction and possible food sensitivities, yeast overgrowth and weakened abdominal muscle activity.

 A gentle colonic can help the body to eliminate the accumulated waste and excess gas from the 2 meters of the colon, and a course of sessions can also improve the colon muscle function, leading to a more comfortable, more efficient– and flatter! – abdomen.”

If you opt for a Zone Out colonic, it works in a number of ways – not only will the soft wave laser help to instantly unwind you, using the healing laser to effectively re-harmonise the body, it will also encourage the body to physically relax; significantly increasing the effectiveness of the colonics cleansing process. The colonic itself will remove unwanted toxins from the body, leaving you with a sense of ‘lightness’ and clear bright skin. It is also an aid to weight-loss, helping you to slip into this year’s LBD with ease!

For more information on colonics at EF MEDISPA visit or call 0207 368 7676

Exclusive offers are available at both EF MEDISPA St John’s Wood and Chelsea, call for more details. 

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