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Deprivation is a dirty word here at EF MEDISPA. We prefer to look on life’s lovelier things…Health, happiness and enjoying Christmassy treats in moderation to bypass that guilt. Which is why this year, I’m banishing deprivation and am determined to have a right, rollicking time – and still hit the ground running when 2014 chimes in. How? With a damage limitation maintenance pretoxing…


1. Line up, line up…Party and razzle dazzle by all means – but your late nights may end up etched all over your face – literally. Stop wrinkles in their tracks with our new high tech peels that are powerful yet perfect for those crepy lines that creep up around the eyes and lips.

2. Clever cleansing: The fastest way to compensate for over exuberant cocktail and canapé consumption is with our medical colonics. Draw out impurities, beat that bloat, feel more energetic – we’ll even give you a bonus one hour reflexology session to re-balance you inside and out when you a book in for colonic hydrotherapy at our St John’s Wood Clinic this month.

3. Chill out: No, the lychee in those martinis you had last night does not count as one of your five a day! So why not supercharge your health inside and out with one of our Drip & Chill vitamin, mineral and antioxidant drips that deliver all the nutrients you need straight into your bloodstream?

4. Be a smoothie: Every LBD deserves a super smooth body to show it off to perfection! The Biologique Massage Glove contains one side that loosens stubborn fat deposits – and another that preps the skin for the products you apply afterwards to maximise efficiency. A few sweeps of this followed by their Lotion P50 Corps will keep your skin as smooth as a baby’s bum!

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Merry Christmas everyone!

Tuesday Tip!


It’s beginning to look and feel a bit like Christmas at EF MEDISPA and I can’t believe it’s  already the final week of our Beauty Prep Christmas Countdown!

This week, we are talking essential vitamins!


If you’ve not grabbed your December copy of TATLER yet, then now is the perfect time! They’re talking top tips for handling the ‘less than shiny’ aftermath of the Christmas party and included in their recovery day ritual, is EF MEDISPA’s  Drip n Chill Treatment.


 As I have mentioned in my past Tuesday Tip, Winter is often the time when my clients get run down, or rather sometimes, feel a little worse for ware after perhaps a glass of champagne too many the night before. So exclusive to EF MEDISPA, we have set up a special suite for you to lie back and relax whilst your Drip &  Chill infuses an instant ‘pick-me-up’ and boost to your immune system, through a specially formulated saline drip of nutrients and powerful anti-oxidants.

This cocktail of vitamins and minerals was originally designed for my clients who have really low energy, or suffering from stress, as well as those recovering from illness but it has since become renowned by the ‘A listers’ as the perfect solution for the humble hangover and for the city goers who are perhaps partying too hard and not taking care of themselves

TATLER has described the Drip and Chill as their Power Boost… “I suddenly see everything in crystal-clear HD, as if I am a supreme being like Beyonce or Prince George.”

For more information on the Drip and Chill Treatment and booking yours at EF MEDISPA visit or call Kensington Clinic on 02079375554


Unless you’re extremely lucky, (or have him extremely well trained!) – I’m willing to bet that your other half doesn’t know the first thing about buying underwear for you.

And if you’re tired of smiling faux delightedly over a sickly scent, a kitchen utensil or a horrible bra you wouldn’t dream of wearing, may I suggest you start leaving some heavily hinting notes to Santa lying around now! Or direct him subtly to our fabulous step by step ‘Gentleman’s Guide to buying lingerie‘ (don’t worry you can thank us later!)

Petits Bisous0651

Now whether you’re already a convert to Petits Bisous’ super luxe lingerie, created to make women of all ages feel wonderful – or are yet to discover our boudoir of loveliness on the King’s Road – we’ve searched high and low to find the kind of briefs, bras, corsets and robes that you’ll really smile about when you unwrap them on Christmas Day.

Our fantastic range of I.D. Sarrieri lingerie in confidence-boosting pink is already proving popular. Then for those of you who like to bring out your creative side through your wardrobe of lingerie, we’ve taken inspiration from the British Museum’s ongoing exhibition – Shunga: sex and humour in Japanese art – and teamed our own antique Eastern kimonos with our lovely balcony bras, briefs and bodies. Who said delicious lingerie can’t be cultural?!



Our heavenly baby doll nighties will work marvelously if you fancy something pretty and feminine – or if you want something naughtier still, there’s always our selection of soft handcuffs, blindfolds and intimate toiletries.

But if you still can’t trust him to get you the right thing? Twist his arm to book you in for an entirely bespoke experience. From waspies to corsets, we can tailor something that’s absolutely perfect for you. Just a word of warning for Rudolf: If you want to open your bespoke creation on Christmas morning, you’ll need to get your lucky recipient in to see us now. Even our Petits Bisous elves need a little time to create perfection!

Tuesday Tip!

tuesday-tipsIt’s beginning to look and feel a bit like Christmas at EF MEDISPA as we head into our final two weeks of the Beauty Prep Christmas Countdown!

And this week…all we want for Christmas is a Colonic!

mistletoeAs you know, I truly believe that looking gorgeous starts from the inner glow of good health! Winter is often the time when my clients get run down or feel rather stressed so I suggest to them A Zone Out Colonic at EF MEDISPA because it’s the perfect way to relax during the busy winter months and many of my clients tell me that it also helps them fit perfectly into their LBDs!

Head of colonics at EF MEDISPA Chelsea, Victoria Cooper, explains the benefits of colonic hydrotherapy:

A gentle colonic can help the body to eliminate the accumulated waste and excess gas from the 2 meters of the colon..”

At EF MEDISPA we believe the Zone Out colonic, works in a number of ways – not only will the soft wave laser help to instantly unwind you, using the healing laser to effectively re-harmonise the body, it will also encourage the body to physically relax; significantly increasing the effectiveness of the colonics cleansing process. The colonic itself will remove unwanted toxins from the body, leaving you with a sense of ‘lightness’ and clear bright skin.

And finally look out for my upcoming blogposts which will be advertising our ‘How to Lead A Gluten Free Life’  Evenings at EF MEDISPA, which will include talks from our Colonic Hydrotherapists and In House Nutritionist, Kim Pearson.

For more information on colonics at EF MEDISPA visit

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