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Tuesday Tips!

I’m a firm believer the future of anti-ageing skincare being the use of stem cells – I am really excited about the advance of stem cell technology. I believe the future will be bespoke anti-ageing skincare that incorporates stem cells in some way. Whilst it may not be quite ready in 2013, I am currently monitoring the work of leading medical research scientists, who are at the forefront of using adult stem cells in regenerative medicine. These scientists are developing new technology to alleviate serious medical conditions and inevitably there will be spin-off benefits in the field of anti-aging and regenerative health.

One such treatment which was originally used in medicine and has crossed over to the beauty side, is the AQ Recovery Serum. Available at EF MEDISPA this product has the most effective combination of Growth Factor (stem cells!) and antioxidants that I have been able to find; the highly active ingredients work together to give you younger looking skin. The treatment was originally used to heal burns, but as a beauty treatment it activates skin to repair the signs of ageing with Growth Factor technology. It also calms inflammation and redness caused by skin trauma and rosacea, so is the perfect solution to calm skin after a microneedling procedure. I highly recommend combining this treatment with our MicroFirm machine at EF MEDISPA Chelsea for dramatically smoother and firmer skin!


Stem cells are sexy!

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Ready, steady red carpet!

When red carpets start being unfurled left, right, Hollywood and centre – you know it must be awards season! Yes, already it’s that time of year again as our greatest on-screen stars get ready to glide gracefully up the crimson carpet. Will Les Mis scoop the lot? Will The Hobbit Triumph? And will we once again get a glimpse of that dreamiest schoolboy grin this side of the Atlantic, (hello Colin Firth)?

And even if you’re not attending the awards themselves, there’s not a woman I know who doesn’t have her own occasional ‘red carpet moment’. That one night when you need to shine – but in an effortless, unstudied way. Which means you’ll need some speedy ways to look fabulous. So here’s my top 5 rundown on looking like a V.I.P.

Get glowing Oscar worthy skin like Kate

1) THE FACE FIXERS: The latest, high tech treatments are tailor made to solve your particular skin problem – and fast. If giving an instant boost to saggy skin is your priority, The Biologique Recherche Pre-party facial is the perfect way to kick start your pre-event pamper routine and the speediest route to getting a knife-free lift. Suffering from pigmentation and patchiness? Enter stage left our new Skinceuticals peel – a wickedly effective treatment that literally slides pigment patches away from the skin surface leaving you with a luminous glow.

Dare to bare like the lovely Anne Hathaway

2) THE BODY BUFF-UP: Whether your arms are going to be on show and you need to smooth those triceps – or you’re wearing a backless dress and last attended to your behind circa 2005 – the new Biologique Recherche body treatment combines next generation exfoliating technology with a special hand mitt to blast away scaliness and leave your skin with a silky feel and a dewy gleam.

Jessica Alba knows the power of beautiful lashes

3) THE LASH LIFT: Mascara be damned. When you need to pull out all the stops, our individually-applied extensions are the quickest way to get va-va-voom volume and lashes that go on forever…

Angelina rocks a red lip

4) THE KILLER LIP: Slipping on the perfect red lipstick is like riding high in your favourite Louboutins. Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics lipstick in Vixen and the darker, vampire Scarlet Rouge by Tom Ford are pure confidence kicks in a bullet!

Tom Ford Oud Wood

5) THE STANDOUT SCENT: There’s just something about fragrance that adds the final je ne sais quoi to an outfit. The tonka bean, vanilla and cardamom in Tom Ford’s Private Blend Oud Wood envelops in me a sensual scent cloud, while the bergamot, orange and pineapple in Emporio Armani ELLE puts a citrussy spring in my step!


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Tuesday Tips!

At EF MEDISPA we have found more and more clients with highly sensitive and reactive skin. I’ve been working with skin for over thirty five years and I’ve never seen so many people with skin issues that are directly linked to stress before – as with everything in our bodies, everything is linked, so stress and poor diet leads to weakened and under nourished skin. We’re living in a very fast paced, high stress world and people’s skin is reacting to that.

To help combat these issues, EF MEDISPA is using a combination of more traditional techniques with advanced technology and scientific know-how. We’re calling it ‘back to the future’ beauty! A great example of this are the Biologique Recherche facials – these treatments use more traditional manual techniques for lifting and firming the skin, with the most advanced botanical, marine and biological ingredients available. The skincare is akin to prescription preparations and your therapist decides which products to use after a skin analysis using special technology from Biologique Recherche. Every time you have a Biologique Recherche treatment we will analyse your skin to see what issues have improved and what can be worked on. The Biologique Recherche range is vast and means that the facial treatments can be very much tailored to the individual, with special care taken to ensure the ingredients work with even the most sensitive of skin.

We also like to combine our facial treatments with wellbeing treatments, to give an overall better result. For example, we have recently launched the SkinCeuticals Balancing MicroPeel treatments. These balancing treatment combine peels, colonic hydrotherapy and nutrition for the best possible results. So, someone suffering from acne will get a better result with a combination of facials, peels, colonic hydrotherapy and nutritional advice. Someone suffering from a stress related skin issue, such as eczema or psoriasis that flare up when you are stressed, will benefit from the Drip & Chill vitamin infusions, as well as healing facials and LED treatment.

In 2013 I believe facial treatments will be all about a personalised and bespoke service, concentrating both on the external and internal causes of skin issues. So, what you are waiting for? Visit EF MEDISPA for an in-depth consultation and we’ll put together a package to help you have happy skin.

The future is now!

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Guest blogger – Constance Campion

Constance Campion

Guest Blogger – Constance Campion – Medico beauty
I have enjoyed two, very wonderful decades running my own clinic, The London Wellness Centre, working together with my husband, Consultant Plastic Surgeon Awwad M. Awwad, and acting as Director of my skincare distribution business, Medico Beauty. We have travelled the world to find the best skincare available. We are delighted to have supplied CosMedix and its affiliate prescription only brand, Results Rx, to our dear friend Esther and her team at EF MEDISPA since 2004. Here’s how to get the very best out of your products, all available in store.




Cosmedix & Results Rx

Both these product ranges are at the very forefront of current technology, offering unrivalled formulation science and highly advanced ingredient systems. Their in-house scientists have created diverse, botanically based and fragrance, dye and animal cruelty free lines. All the ingredients featured have been purified using the Noble Prize Winning process, Chiral Correction, resulting in optimal and highly effective communication with skin cells.

The thing I love is the versatility of Cosmedix and Results Rx: the range can tackle even the most difficult of skin woes, whilst also featuring incredible maintenance products, such as SPFs and moisturisers. Because they aim to heal unhealthy skin at its very root (rather than just mask the issue with nasty chemicals), these brands never fail us and time and time again have delivered unprecedented clinical results in our own medical practices.

Benefit Clean and Purity Clean

These two cleansers have complex antibacterial, hydrating, resurfacing formulations which will clean, purify and protect any skin type. These are also popular amongst our male clients, softening the skin before shaving, especially when used in a steamy shower! For a great at-home hydration mask, we recommend leaving them on for 3 minutes. You can also apply to non-tear kitchen paper to use as a wet wipe, or put a little onto a cotton pad to remove stubborn eye makeup.

Opti Crystals

Opti Crystals, a fantastic eye treatment serum, has been specially created to expel lined and visibly discoloured dark circles, while repairing existing damage and preventing future premature ageing. Its active ingredient Coconut Water stimulates, repairs and increases the skin’s natural occurring Collagen and Elastin. Pop on the lips for extra protection against fine lines that can set in or to relieve winter dryness.

Benefit Balance and Purity Balance Antioxidant Sprays

 These gorgeous antioxidant sprays are hydrating and full of natural antioxidants to fight Free Radical attack. Combine with any of our luscious serums, such as Affirm, for a healing treatment. This product also works beautifully when combined with Pure C, creating a fabulous mix which will not only protect against skin cell oxidation, but will also act as a precursor to naturally occurring Collagen. Vitamin C is incredibly important for healthy skin, so combine Pure C with Lightening for an amazing at-home skin brightening treatment.

Pure Enzymes

Pure Enzymes is a Medico Beauty favourite. Use in conjunction with mineral make up for a radiant complexion or post-peel, use as a gentle exfoliation to remove any signs of dryness. Combine Pure Enzymes with Purity Clean and use a Spa Cell Facial Pad to remove flaking and after use Define, a 2% Retinol AGP cream, to add ultimate soothing hydration.

Rescue Balm

Rescue Balm is an intelligent 8 hour cream. Apply on the lips, elbows or as a night time mask. Combine with other products for a potent, yet hydrating and gentle night time mask. My favourite is to mix with Benefit Balance or Purity Clean for an invigorating, antioxidant, and antibacterial at-home treatment.


Hope these are handy tips. Should you require any more help, any of our highly trained EF MEDISPA specialists based at Kensington, St John’s Wood or Chelsea will be able to provide you with amazing, specialist skincare advice.

Lots of love,



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