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Parallax Art Fair: coming to Chelsea town hall!

I am huge fan of modern art and I love any opportunity to visit art fairs. Luckily for me (and you!) I don’t have to go far on the 22nd – 23rd February, as the Parallax Art Fair is coming to Chelsea town hall!

Parallax AF is different from other artists’ fairs in that it is like a specialised exhibition, with works by over 200 contributors at the show. Chelsea town hall will the buzzing with national and international dealers, as well as collectors, critics and buyers, all looking to take advantage of the works being commission free. So, make sure you pop down and maybe you’ll pick up something really special!

This year’s event will include my brother-in-law Fizz Fieldgrass’ amazing award winning work  ‘Balcony’  – a study in 3 dimensional photographic dechirage.

Balcony by Fizz Fieldgrass


Parallax Art Fair is free to attend, but donations towards the PAF Benevolent fund for the children of artists are welcome at the door. If you would like to attend the private view on Thursday 21st February, between 7:30 – 9:30pm please RSVP Friday 15th February to:


Parallax Art Fair details: 

Friday 22nd – Saturday 23rd: 11am -5pm

Venue: Chelsea Old Town Hall, King’s Road, London, SW3 5EE, Sloane Square tube

Tel: 020 3239 7258 

Entrance – Free

Tuesday Tips!

It’s all about award season at moment and I don’t know about you, but the red carpet is always my favourite bit! We have many a startlet visiting EF MEDISPA to get themselves red carpet ready, so here’s my top tip for your very own special moment – The Biologique Recherche Pre-Party facial!

The Biologique Recherche Pre-Party facial is a unique anti-aging facial for instant lifting, tightening and radiance for special events and parties. Pop into EF MEDISPA on the morning of your event and make your grand entrance with your skin glowing and looking flawless! No wonder Sharon Stone, Jennifer Lopez and Brangelina are all devotees of Biologique Recherche’s highly active products.

The Pre-Party facial is a ‘back to the future’ treatment, using traditional facial lifting techniques with the most advanced products available, combining age-old wisdom with new scientific knowledge for bespoke beautification. Using targeted Biologique Recherche products based on your ‘skin instant’ measurement, this facial gives your skin a deep cleanse, removing all impurities. It also works to hydrate and rejuvenate tired skin which is in need of nourishing and hydrating ingredients before hitting the red carpet! There are over 100 Biologique Recherche products for the therapist to choose from, so each facial is bespoke to the individual’s ‘skin instant’; or how your skin is looking at that exact moment in time.

So take inspiration from the stars this February and indulge in a Pre-Party facial!

Jennifer Lopez is known to be a fan of Biologique Recherche - here she is looking flawless at the Grammys on Sunday.


To find out more about the Pre-Party facial call 0207 937 5554 or visit


New Season Skin Saviour


Forget your dry, temperamental skin for a mere moment and settle yourself down comfortably because here comes the science part…!

I began using glycolic acid peels on my skin about eight years ago at a time when it was very fashionable to do so.  It was the early noughties and this fabulous fruit acid that’s derived from sugar cane seemed to have miraculous powers when it came to treating acne-prone and aging skin. But there was a glitch. Experts claimed it was unstable and we weren’t getting the benefits that brands promised us.

The good news? Many glycolics have now been reformulated to be more stable – and they’re back on the skin-saving market in a big way this autumn. Our new 20% and 30% glycolic MicroPeels from SkinCeuticals not only even out the colour of the complexion, (au revoir sun spots!) and blur away wrinkles (bye-bye crepy face!) – but they also works instantly. We’ll invite you for a pre-treatment consultation then send you away to do your homework, using nightly retinol products to prepare your skin before peel day.

Then by removing the fine, uppermost layers of skin in a quick-as-a-flash 20 minute appointment, the Micro Peels give skin a glorious, lit-from-within glow that’s fabulous if you have a big party to attend. And if you want an extra little boost, let’s just say that we’re the Savile Row of beauty clinics, tailoring treatment combinations that are totally bespoke to you. I’ll book in for a colonic and nutritional consult to cleanse from the inside out and really give my skin the ultimate chance of looking luminous. Then add a final flourish with a little LED treatment or microneedling to eradicate marks and scarring and get the kind of flawless complexion that makes other party attendees as green with envy as the cocktail olives!


For more information on SkinCeuticals Balancing MicroPeel treatment please call 0207 4490888 or visit

Liberty Calling!

Knowing how fabulous it is, we can’t say we’re surprised – but we are ecstatic to report that our favourite high tech skincare brand, Biologique Recherche has been chosen to be among Liberty’s new handpicked selection of must-have products!

The Biologique Recherche brand is landing in store this February. BR’s cult product – P50 will be up there with beauty’s latest and greatest. And for those of you who aren’t already devoted fans of this most wondrous of products, here’s the science part…!

Founded 30 years ago by the French Allouche family, BR is a pioneering range founded on medical expertise, biology studies and physiotherapy. The result is a futuristic range of formulations of pure, raw ingredients that are developed in a top secret location just outside Paris using a process that involves storing the products at specific temperatures – and even playing soothing music to make them more effective!

Sceptical? If the trail of celebrities (Madonna, Brad Pitt and Sharon Stone are rumoured to have fallen beautiful head over heels for Dr Philippe Allouche’s magic powers) doesn’t convince you, then a few weeks of testing the brand’s cult product will.

EF MEDISPA clinics have been using the full range of Biologique Recherche products for the past 18 months and our clients have become huge fans. The full range will also be available at Liberty, as well as their fabulous facials! Their hero product – the P50 Balancing Exfoliators available at Liberty will come in three types, offering a smoothing, glow-getting solution for all skin variations. For oily complexions the P50 Lotion works a dream; The P50 V gives dull skin back its zing – and the P50 W works gentle wonders on sensitive types.

With my temperamental skin, I apply some to a damp cotton wool pad and smooth it over my face morning and night to help cleanse, tone, reduce large pores and clear the way for the serums and creams I apply later penetrate more deeply. With the faintest tingling sensation, it sets to work within minutes.

But don’t just take my word for it because seeing is believing. Elbows out ladies – Liberty calls!

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