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Tuesday Tip

With just one week to go, we are nearing the very exciting and exclusive ‘Ladies in Love’ three evening event at Petits Bisous. So my Tuesday Tip this week has to be dedicated to ensuring all of my fabulous EF MEDISPA ladies, looking for an entertaining and enlightening experience, have secured their place and bought their tickets.

Now whether you believe yourself a pro within the boudoir or looking to enhance your tricks for your lover, I have come to the conclusion that us ladies could all benefit from a little education and what better way than learning from the expert. I am thrilled to tell you that the famous author and renowned educator Midori will be flying in from San Francisco especially to show us the perfect tantalising tips and tricks, the art of seduction, how to de-robe with confidence and much much more!

I know that my EF MEDISPA ladies have their beauty treatments down to a fine ‘T’  so even more reason to learn the art of confidently strutting your beautiful selves in the utmost classiest and sexiest of ways!

Just come as you are and arrive at 6.30pm for a glass of bubbly, just three doors down from Chelsea’s EF MEDISPA and get ready to enjoy Midori’s entertaining lessons from 7-9pm at the Petits Bisous boutique for just £70 per lesson. I know you will be thanking me later, ladies!

Save the Date!

Tuesday 7th May 2013 

Wednesday 8th May 2013 

Thursday 9th May 2013 

To make a booking request: Click here for more information or better still call the Petits Bisous store on: 020 7352 7044.

187 Kings Road, Chelsea SW3 5EB


Ladies ‘Lessons In Love’ Event


Midori's 'Lessons in Love' Event

Ladies, I am very excited to say that famous author and renowned educator, Midori will be flying to London from San Francisco especially to hold an exclusive 3 day event at my beautiful new luxury lingerie boutique Petits Bisous! Now you all know that my mantra is to empower women through all means possible, stemming from my philosophy of inner well being and outer beauty which is made possible at EF MEDISPA by the most cutting edge body treatments. But with my latest venture into the fabulous world of lingerie, I like to think I’m now lending a hand to the external beauty front too!

This exclusive Ladies ‘Lessons In Love’ Event will give you the opportunity to learn everything from tips and tricks for your lover in the boudoir, to the art of seduction, and how to de-robe with confidence by learning the secret art of stripping with ready to use easy moves that sizzle.

These entertaining, ladies only events, will be held in the luxurious and relaxed environment of Petits Bisous just three doors down from EF MEDISPA Chelsea, where you can comfortably learn from the fabulous expert Midori about the art of pleasure but tickets are first come first serve so make sure you reserve and buy your tickets soon!

Arrive at 6.30pm for a glass of bubbly and get ready to enjoy Midori’s entertaining lessons from 7-9pm at the Petits Bisous boutique for £70 per lesson.


Tuesday 7th May 2013 

Wednesday 8th May 2013 

Thursday 9th May 2013 

To Book: Click here for more information or call the Petits Bisous store on: 020 7352 7044.

187 Kings Road, Chelsea SW3 5EB

Petits Bisous' beautful Boudoir Bride

Petits Bisous' beautful Boudoir Bride

For all you lovely brides-to-be and mothers of the bride, religiously ticking off the days until your summer wedding, the sunshine has finally made its official appearance and so it’s time kick start boot camp mode to whittle your waist, tone your body and give your skin the radiant glow it deserves for the big day!

Ideally preparing your face and body 3-6 months in advance is great to get the ultimate look but if you are slightly more pushed for time, there’s no need to panic! EF MEDISPA offer treatments and courses that will have you looking and feeling fabulous in your dress and for the camera all day and all night long. So first things first, treat yourself to the exclusive Balancing Micropeel with SkinCeuticals package which combines a glycolic peel with colonic hydrotherapy and nutritional advice for inner health and outer beauty.

The Balancing Micropeel was created to avoid the downtime associated with abrasive peel products.  At EF MEDISPA, this is complemented with colonic hydrotherapy which removes toxins and helps to rehydrate the skin.

Most people think that you just need to put something on your face to improve your skin, but they forget that, for perfect skin, you must have a healthy inner constitution. Colonics are actually the best ‘facial’ around.

Next you need to book yourself in for a complementary consultation with our dedicated EF MEDISPA therapists to discuss your new svelte body. They will work with you to put together the best package which may involve the hydrating Mesotherapy Treatment, the most advanced packages for non invasive solutions to ridding the dimples and SPA RF to tone and tighten the skin.

What’s more, my Petits Bisous boudoir has the most divine selection of sensual bridal looks, ranging from beautifully formed essentials to the ultimate fantasy outfit for the big day and honeymoon!

After receiving essential body treatments and courses at EF MEDISPA make sure you pop along to Petits Bisous for a glass of bubbly and enjoy a truly tailored personal bridal lingerie experience.


Beautiful skin the EF MEDISPA way

They say that there’s no gain without pain. Well ladies, I’d have to beg to differ now that I’ve discovered a new treatment that tones, tightens and firms up your face, neck and décolletage without so much as a flicker of a wince or a whisper of an ‘ouch’. Reaching for the phone already to make your reservation at EF MEDISPA? Yes, that was my reaction too – especially when I discovered that you could have your mini facelift, suffer no downtime and keep the whole thing your own marvellous little secret!

Thanks to the very latest technology, a new machine attachment in our Lunchtime Quicklift treatment is able to deliver acoustic waves deep into the skin, giving the lazy collagen-producing cells the bottom kicking they need to start revving up production! Unlike many facials and so-called firming treatments, you’ll not only notice an instant ‘lift’, (it’s perfect for a pre-party pep-up) but by boosting collagen production, it also delivers tighter skin benefits that get better and better with time.

Now, we know you’ve got busy diaries –and for most of us, a lengthy pamper session must be saved for a treat. The beauty of the Lunchtime Quicklift is that it takes less than hour – so you can squeeze it into your lunch break, book in a quickie straight after doing the school run – or pop by before heading out to supper that same evening.

Or bring out the big beauty guns with one of our bespoke combi programmes. With our holistic-meets-high-tech philosophy and team of experts on hand, we’ll give you a complete face and body analysis that’ll really get you results. A little microneedling here, a growth factor serum there and you’ll be amazed at what a difference a few tiny tweaks can make to your overall appearance.

And with the summer social season – from Wimbledon to Royal Ascot, Henley Regatta to Polo in the Park – just kicking off, there is absolutely no better time to start being firm with yourself than now!

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