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As women, we tend to spend so much time umming, ahhing and moaning over our latest wrinkle that we overlook the one thing that could really make a difference to the youthfulness of our skin: Retexturizing. Recent studies show that beyond lines and wrinkles, it’s a smooth surface and even colour tone that really takes years off our face. So retexturize, rejoice – and reclaim your lost youth this summer!

1. BUILD YOUR DEFENSES: Whoever said ‘forearmed is forewarned’ must have had a sneaky session of our LED light therapy! This controlled light exposure revs up your skin’s natural defense against sun damage before you head off on your hols.

Build your defenses at EF MEDISPA


2. ERASE PAST MISTAKES: If you got a bit etchy-sketchy with tattoos in the past and are now regretting the inky error of your ways, there’s a way to retexturize your skin and salvage the situation. Not for nothing is the Q-Switch Laser fast becoming the go-to treatment for brides-to-be, (having your ex’s name inscribed on your behind is never going to be sexy darlings!) and former wild child baby boomers. Penetrating deeper than previous lasers, it works on all but the palest of colours to draw out pigment from the skin – so slip-ups from the past remain your little secret!


3. TAILOR-MAKE YOUR TEXTURE PLAN: With Biologique Recherche’s range of Lotion P50 retexturizing facial serums. While the regular Lotion P50 works wonders on those prone to seborrheic dermatitis, (when white, flaky scales form on top of oily patches), P50 V wakes up dull-looking complexions and P50 W is the charm for sensitive types.

Biologique Recherche P50


4. GET YOUR MITTS OUT! I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again ladies, body brush, body brush, body brush! Grab a brush or exfoliating mitt then get your hands on Cosmedix’ wonderful Body Revolution Kit containing a cleanser, retexturizer and anti-aging lotion then prepare to buff away dead skin cells and reveal a more radiant you!


5. THE FINAL FINISH: Like so many other things in life, beauty is all about paying attention to detail. So polish off your new retexturizing regimen with the lifting, toning, cellulite-busting DermaFirm by DermaQuest – and get legs so smooth they’re just screaming out to be caressed!

Perfect Pins

Perfect Pins at EF MEDISPA


Tuesday Tip!

Enjoy your complementary skin analysis at EF MEDISPA

Summer is almost here and we all know what that means! Like most, I enjoy heading out into the sunshine but as studies urge us to be extra careful in the sun, EF MEDISPA are offering a complimentary skin facial analysis worth £75.00 until the end of July. Our therapists will use a very special skin analysis machine to assess your skin for pigmentation, sun damage and skin hydration levels and will advise you how best to prep and look after your skin against harmful UV rays.

What’s more at EF MEDISPA we specialise in treating the effects of skin damage. IPL Skin Rejuvenation is especially effective for getting rid of visible skin irregularities and sun spots. It uses advanced Aurora Intense Pulsed Light technology, and a precise cooling head to even out your skin tone and will really help to reduce discolouration and pigmentation.

If you would like to come in for expert advice on skin damage that’s led from sun exposure, please pop into any EF MEDISPA clinic and ask for your complementary skin analysis.

EF MEDISPA Kensington

29 Kensington Church Street, London, W8 4LL

0207 937 5554


193 King’s Road, London, SW3 5ED

0207 368 7676

EF MEDISPA St John’s Wood

69 St John’s Wood High Street, NW8 7NL

0207 449 0888


A fabulous event filled week

Well what an exciting week it’s been for EF MEDISPA and Petits Bisous! With not one but two exclusive events, from stopping traffic on the Kings Road, to catwalking at the Bulgari Hotel, I certainly have lots to update you on!

Petits Bisous was proud to hold its exclusive Summer Swimwear Show at the very beautiful setting of the Bulgari Hotel in Knightsbridge. With a beach chic dress attire, mouth quenching refreshments and goodie bags, bursting with an array of fabulous gifts and vouchers, guests really were treated to a day of pure elegance.

The Summer Swimwear Show at the Bulgari

Since jetting to the fashion capital of New York last month and exploring the romantic city of Paris, I wanted to put on a show that exhibited the most stunning collection of swimwear garments and exquisite accessories that we have to offer at the Petits Bisous boutique.

Ranging from a unique 40 year old collection of beautiful antique kimonos, to the most elite swimwear designs, and stunning range of sparkling accessories, guests sat back and enjoyed my beautiful models flaunting the private collections around the poolside in true Petits Bisous style.

The Petits Bisous Models

Having reflected on such a beautiful show, there really was no rest for the wicked as the Dovehouse Parade fast approached! EF MEDISPA and Petits Bisous collaborated for one night only with its fellow neighbours along the King’s Road to host its unique Summer Garden Party! We all had our fingers firmly crossed for sunshine as the guests gathered around the picket fences to enjoy what the boutiques and retailers had to offer, raising money for a very worthy cause of The Chelsea Community Hospital Schools.

Attracting quite a crowd at Petits Bisous

EF MEDISPA opened its doors to invite guests for complementary face and body treatments, and guests had the opportunity to speak with my treatment co-ordinators and therapists about their personal beauty desires.

Petits Bisous even ended up talk of the street, quite literally, as the beautiful Barrecore girls took to the windows to treat the public to their ballerina performances in beautiful Petits Bisous’ beautiful lingerie and swimwear attire! Can I draw breath now?

The Barrecore Girls and our fabulous Saxophonist





Anti-Ageing Medicine World Congress

As the saying ‘A New York minute’ goes, life in Manhattan passes in a flash. But if Park Avenue princesses live their lives on some kind of speed setting, when it comes to their skin, they’re all for stopping time –and even turning back the clock. Which is why I packed my bags and headed for the city of skyscrapers for a three-day conference headed up by the wonderful Dr Allouche of Biologique Recherche.

You’ll know by now that BR is at the very cutting edge of technology when it comes to anti-ageing. The good news is that they’re now reformulating all their fantastic products to ensure they’re paraben-free. The even better news from the Big Apple is that thanks to their ongoing research into stem cells, collagen and the use of pre-natal fluid, (try their wondrous Sérum Amniotique on your face, neck and cleavage for a few weeks and trust me, you’ll forget your squeamishness in a jiffy!) they’re working on topical products that deliver the kind of lifting, smoothing, firming results we’ve previously only been able to achieve with injectibles.

Yes ladies, you could soon have wrinkle-erasing skin care within the realms of your very own bathrooms! With that in mind, I couldn’t resist a little post-conference celebration. So I bid my hotel room overlooking the Statue of Liberty a fond farewell and headed on out to soak up the fantastic energy of the Meatpacking District. Having breakfasted on healthy egg white omelettes at the Mercer, (ok, who am I kidding? I went for the full waffle-syrup-strawberry delight!) I met the perfumer behind the scent for my Petits Bisous lingerie boutique ( at the famous Spice Market. Then I had just enough time to pick up some fabulous, one-off antique kimonos in SoHo, (coming to the King’s Road PB rails soon!) before heading back to JFK. Sigh! Three days is just never enough in the city where time flies in a New York minute…

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