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Glasses of champagne, and canapés galore

Haven’t you just always wondered what it’s really like inside the House of Commons? Well nosy parkers everywhere can now rejoice – because thanks to a very special beauty industry event, I can now give you the Esther’s eye view of what it’s like to walk in David Cameron’s footsteps.

A few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to attend an event entitled ‘The Shape of Things to Come’ which was held in the House of Commons as a celebration of the beauty industry’s fantastic success in recent recessionary years – and a call to arms to gain more support from politicians in the future.

So off I toddled in my favourite hot pink Georges Rech dress to be greeted by a security check so rigorous it made passing through U.S. customs look a breeze! Half an hour of scanning, searching and bag rummaging later and oh – it was the worth the wait. With its high, high ceilings, ornate windows, flagstone floors and wooden-bannistered staircase it was just how I imagine Hogwarts to be! And just as the figures within the portraits of Harry’s world are continually on the move, there’s a wall of TV screens that constantly updates passers by on who’s talking where within the House.

For the 100 or so of us attending the event, we thronged into a reception room as hosts, Iain Wright MP, Caroline Neville, CEW (UK) President, and Carol Bagnald, HSBC Regional Commercial Director kicked things off. And what a lot of networking there was to be had! I had a chat with journalist and founder of Good Things skin care, the lovely Alice Hart-Davis, saw George Hammer and dermatologist Dr Nick Lowe – even Margaret from The Apprentice was there! What with all the nattering going on, there wasn’t a lot of time for munching but I will say one thing for Mr. Cameron – he knows a good canapé when he tastes one! The duck in Hoisin sauce was delicious, the salmon blinis divine and the mini quiches just right. After two hours, it was time to go again – but let’s just say that it wasn’t just the canapés that whetted my appetite for a bit of political schmoozing. I’ve just won lunch in The House of Lords in a charity auction. So stay tuned for my next dispatch as a roving political reporter!


My favourite little summer spot

Dare I say it, but it looks like the sun may finally have designed to put his hat on – and the British summer has arrived! I spend so much of my time travelling – popping to gay Paree in search of delicious finds for my Petitis Bisous lingerie boutique, nipping to Mykonos for a spot of yoga or travelling to the Big Apple to attend anti-aging summits – that I sometimes forget how special London is. But never is it more beautiful than when it’s bathed in that elusive thing called ‘British sunshine’. Which is why I couldn’t resist compiling my insider’s guide to summer in the city. So whether you’re just visiting or are already a city dweller, get ready to fall in love with London all over again…


I like to celebrate the season with a summer party for my friends every year. This month, we took to the water with a heavenly three-hour jaunt along the canals, starting from Paddington Basin and winding our way around Little Venice and up Regent’s Canal. We were blessed with a perfect, sunlit evening – the perfect backdrop to our watery wanderings during which we fueled ourselves with some wonderful Moroccan nibbles and Pimms, Pimms and (all together now) – more Pimms!


This is one of my favourite little haunts just off Holland Park Avenue – the regulars in here are like a Tatler who’s who! When I popped in a few weeks ago there was a film crew in situ as I slurped my way through a bowl of the fantastic Julie’s lobster spaghetti – and a few sneaky glasses of Sancerre.


We all know that Bowie is once again back in fashion. What you might not know is that there’s a fab exhibition of images spanning 40 years of his career taken by celebrity photographer, Richard Young, just off the beaten tourist track on Holland Street. Be there or be square before the exhibition closes on 25th October (

Tuesday Tip!

If you’re regretting the inky error of your ways as we head into Autumn, at EF MEDISPA we understand the issues surrounding the desire to get rid of tattoos which is why we are offering the simplest and most effective of ways to re texture your skin to salvage the situation.

EF MEDISPA uses the most advanced Q Switched Nd; YAG laser head, to direct quick impulses of light precisely onto the tattoo. It effectively breaks down the ink and pigment from your tattoo, into much smaller particles which will then be easily and naturally removed through the body’s lymphatic system during the next few weeks after the initial treatment.

Our EF MEDISPA therapists at Kensington are highly trained for laser work, and receive special training and certification for the tattoo removal procedure. Although tattoo removal is less romantic than tattoo creation, the return to smooth and natural looking skin is a happy outcome for those with tattoo regret and with our state of the art equipment penetrating deeper than previous traditional lasers, slip-ups from the past can remain your little secret!

To book your patch test call Kensington Clinic on: 0207 9375554


Achieve your dream beach body at EF MEDISPA

For those of you jetting away this month or like me squeezing out swimsuit season and hoping for that Indian summer, I’m the first to admit… It’s scary. And it feels like a full-on nightmare when you’re trapped within the confines of the average high street changing cubicle with a three-way mirror and grim lighting making your bodily bits look a million times worse than they actually are!

This is why at the beautiful boudoir Petits Bisous; I have created an environment which allows you to look and feel your sexiest and why I’ve spent years seeking the Holy Grail of slimming body treatments to get you looking and feeling your best when the beach beckons. At long last I can report that we’ve found the solution with some whizz kid technology which I first came across in Israel seven years ago.

Back then it was seriously pricey, (£250,000 per machine is hardly petty cash is it ladies?) but thanks to some cutting edge updates, the makers have managed to streamline this wonder gadget – and naturally we’ve snapped up the result for our St John’s Wood clinic. As for the science part, this new Vela Ultra treatment combines ultrasound with Acoustic Wave Technology (AWT) to literally ‘kill’ fat cells – leading to sleeker, panther-like curves. As a flat plate is passed over the body, you feel a gentle warming sensation that’s by no means unpleasant – yet melts away fat on the bum, stomach, arms and back.

 EF MEDISPA is of course known for its combi-treatments that are tailor-made to ensure our clients receive the best possible results. I we recommend you combine Vela Ultra with radio frequency or Vela Smooth to tone, tighten and firm any loose skin once those pesky fat cells have been blasted into oblivion. Having tried and tested it on my ‘menopausal thighs’ I can vouch for the fact that one treatment makes a big difference. Go for a course of four treatments once a week, applying Bioloqique Recherche’s cellulite-busting Crème Anti-C in between and trust me – you’ll be so proud of your new bod, you’ll be parading around your own house in your new summer swimsuit!

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