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Coming soon to EF MEDISPA…

Pout and seduce like Eva Mendes at EF MEDISPA

We want our lovely EF MEDISPA followers to be the first to know that we have a very very exciting and innovative treatment coming soon to offer you ! So if you’re fed up of the bags beneath your eyes despite a 12 hour sleep or loathe the crow lines that frame your mouth, then we are soon to have these woes covered. If you’re not a fan of injectibles there are no dermal fillers involved, just purely using the very best products.

With natural ingredients,  and the most innovative tools, these specific peel procedures work with chemical compounds which influence the regeneration of skin by renewing and reshaping the epidermis.

So in other words, your skin will be brightened, firmed and lifted and “dynamic wrinkles” (more on this next time) on the lips eyes and decolletage will be a thing of the past!

Sounds amazing doesn’t it? It really is! So be sure to check back here for all details of the peels coming soon to EF MEDISPA.

Tuesday Tip!

Last month our mouths dropped and gasps were heard from the next room as Cheryl Cole revealed her latest inking. Now whilst she has defended her less than subtle backside tattoo, saying it was her “form of expression to music”, and as beautiful as it may be, she might come to regret it one day.

Although tattoo removal can seem less romantic than tattoo creation, the return to smooth, natural looking skin is a happy outcome for those with tattoo regret. EF MEDISPA understands the issues surrounding the desire to get rid of tattoos, so if you’re regretting the inky error of your past or perhaps even, your summer ways, we are now offering the simplest and most effective of ways to retexture your skin to salvage the situation.

It really is a fantastic treatment and depending on its size and colouring, your tattoo could be vanished in as little as six appointments with us.

Penetrating deeper beneath the skin than previous lasers, it works by drawing out the pigment from the skin – so slip-ups from the past remain your little secret!

To book a complimentary consultation to talk about your tattoo, please call our Kensington clinic on 02079375554 who will be happy to help you, alternatively drop in at 29 Kensington Church street, Kensington, London, W8 4LL.

In the meantime visit our Laser Tattoo Removal webpage for further information about the treatment at


Ok, so we can’t all be supermodels…but that doesn’t stop a girl from trying! September is once again the time for London Fashion Week – and just when we’re all thinking about which coat to keep the chill off this winter, designers are already dictating what skin-baring dresses we’ll be donning next summer.

As models fly in from all over the globe, EF MEDISPA has built a bit of a reputation for being the go-to destination for all those catwalk-bound ladies who need to look fabulous no matter how many times their make up is scraped off, their hair blasted and backcombed – and their skin is exposed to the stickiness backstage at the shows.  So what – I hear you ask – are the treatments that models always have to hasten their Fashion Week prep? Read on…

1. Wheatgrass colonics: A Fashion Week diet can be a bit of a disaster – all glasses of bubbly, grabbed sandwiches and energy drinks. A green colon cleanse not only helps improve digestion and beat the bloat, (“hello flat tummy”!) – but it also helps detox the body to give skin back its glow.

2. MicroFirm…for legs: This micro-needling and fractional radio frequency combo is usually reserved for the face. But we love to pioneer new techniques and recently we’ve discovered what wonders it does in toning and tightening the legs – especially for all those who have a tendency towards saggy knees.

3. Drip & Chill: We’re certainly no angels diet wise, (but then even glamorous Gwyneth Paltrow splurges from time to time!) so when you need to give your body a nutritional boost in double quick time, there’s nothing quite like an intravenous cocktail of super ingredients. Sit back, relax – and you’ll look and feel better in a trice, (no matter how hard you’ve been partying)!

4. Tattoo removal: Ah, yes. If you got a little etchy-sketchy in your misspent youth and now regret that ‘tat every time you put on your most glamorous gown, our new removal treatment yields better than ever results – so you can turn back time and reclaim your virgin skin.

5. Hollywood wax: As models and fashion types continually tell us, sometimes it’s just easier to have it all off! Now that our Permanent Laser Hair Reduction treatment is pain-free, you can now get long-lasting results down there!

Tuesday Tip!

Bye Bye Summer, Hello Autumn! …It’s time for a seasonal change and it’s time to head to EF MEDISPA.

Now that the Autumn months are upon us, it is essential to asses your skin for possible skin damage and dehydration from the summer sun. Your skin becomes naturally drier at this time of year owing to the combined effects of colder temperatures outside and dry, central heated, warmer air inside. Your hydration levels decrease because the water evaporates quicker from the skin’s surface, and ultimately stops cells from exfoliating properly, leading to dreaded dry and flaky skin.

At EF MEDISPA, our specially designed machinery can check for hydration levels, pigmentation and signs of ageing and your therapist will advise you on the very best solutions for updating your skincare regime and preparing you for the long winter months.


Cult Parisian skincare brand Biologique Recherche at EF MEDISPA has introduced a rather fabulous Magic Exfoliation Massage Glove which works miracles on more levels than one! This easy to use, intelligent accessory accounts for the skin’s lines of force. On one side, the glove is designed with soft spikes for massaging and the other side has harder spikes, great for exfoliating (especially with that overnight tan!) Massage the whole body with this handy silicon glove and use it with the Biologique Recherche skin care products to exfoliate, moisturize and firm. It improves absorption of the active ingredients and enhances their effects. Now if that is not enough reasons to get your hands on one this month then I don’t know what is!


Pushed for time and in desperate need for a quick fix? EF MEDISPA has introduced the exclusive Lunchtime Quicklift Treatment which plumps your skin, smoothens outs those wrinkles and diminishes signs of ageing. Combining the most advanced high power technologies and world’s only fractional Q-Switched Laser, this perfect little facial is a must have as you approach party season! Think of it as the new manicure!

For information on these products and treatments please call you nearest EF MEDISPA.

EF MEDISPA Kensington  020 7937 5554

EF MEDISPA Chelsea  020 7368 7676

EF MEDISPA St John’s Wood 020 7449 6923

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