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Tuesday Tip!


No Trick but all Treat at Award Winning EF MEDISPA this Halloween! Enjoy a complimentary Pumpkin Peel with every course purchased throughout October.

So we’ve got serious Halloween spirit here at EF MEDISPA and have come up with a fabulous Halloween treat for you this year, but be quick because you have just three days left to receive your bespoke complimentary Pumpkin Peel!

Facial peels at EF MEDISPA are not only very effective anti-ageing procedures; they are also suitable for treatment of acne-prone, pigmented and problem skin. The Pumpkin Peel has been designed as an advanced skin peel that provides superior exfoliation for the skin, to target acne and hyper-pigmentation, to keep your skin looking youthful and beautiful!

By stimulating the collagen production and improving your skin hydration, it helps to smooth out the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. The Pumpkin Peel also protects your skin by supporting the barrier function leaving you with a glowing, even skin tone.

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EF MEDISPA wins Best Health & Beauty Facility of the Year at London Lifestyle Awards!

Collecting our Award for Best Health and Beauty Facility of the year

EF MEDISPA wins London’s Best Health and Beauty Facility of the Year, by the prestigious London Lifestyle Awards!

Renowned for being a true beauty haven for clients, with an unrivalled menu of medically cosmetic and holistic treatments, EF MEDISPA  has beaten off stiff competition such as ESPA Life at Corinthia and Gina Conway, for the prestigious Award.

Held at the glamorous EF MEDISPA’s team got their serious glam on, and joined fellow Local London finalists to celebrate. The evening was a fabulous showcase of the very best of London and the fantastic achievements throughout the lifestyle industry, including Best Fashion Retailer, Best Members Club and Best Hotel of the Year.

EF MEDISPA once again proves that their dedication to research, development and advanced training puts them at the forefront of the Aesthetic Industry.

On behalf of my whole team at EF MEDISPA, we are absolutely thrilled to be named the London’s Best Health Facility of the Year. It’s been such an exciting time for us since being nominated for the London Lifestyle awards, amongst other such talented companies, so to win is an absolute honour!


As the saying goes, ‘beauty is only skin deep’. Well all those who like me, attended the recent Anti Ageing Conference London 2013 (AACL) in Kensington Town Hall might disagree.

After what turned out to be a fascinating three-day event focusing on Preventative Health Care, I’m more convinced than ever that the future of long-lasting youth and beauty lies in knowing how to nurture and protect our bodies from the inside out. Speakers came from all over the world to reveal the latest findings on how brain function, heart health, sleep and cellular repair all hold the key to how fast we age. So make ‘inner health, outer beauty’ your new mantra with my top inside-out discoveries to looking fabulous for years to come!

1. STRIKE OIL: I’ve been popping an Omega-3 pill morning and night for years. But new findings suggest that previously acceptable doses are nowhere near enough. To get the maximum benefits for my brain, eyes, joints and skin, I’ve quadrupled my intake of Krill Oil – a potent source of this ‘good’ fatty acid.  

Up the Krill Oil intake

2. SPICE THINGS UP: Humble turmeric became a hero at the Conference this year. Studies have shown that rates of Alzheimer’s and other degenerative illnesses are lower among the Indian population whose diet is rich in this fantastic spice. I’m currently adding a teaspoon to hot water for an alternative to tea – and am sprinkling it onto my food for an added brain boost!

3. GO MEGA: Prepare to power dose your vitamin C intake. This wonderful antioxidant does everything from boost immunity to support the vascular system and accelerate internal healing to help us stay younger for longer – but we’re simply not getting enough. The quickest way to up your intake is with one of our Drip N Chill vitamin infusions that deliver the big ‘C’ intravenously to your body while you kick back and relax.


Dose up on your essential vitamins at EF MEDISPA

4. DRINK SMART: Are you ready to have your mind blown? When I heard about AESA Redox Signaling Water at the Conference, I knew I’d stumbled across something truly revolutionary. In a nutshell, it contains the kind of ‘signalling molecules’ found naturally within the body that are responsible for repair and regeneration – but decline in number as we age. The creators advise you to drink 4oz for 30 days – and if you don’t feel your health has improved, they’ll even give you your money back! You can find out more about this miracle water

EF MEDISPA’s In-House Nutritionist speaks National Chocolate Week!

Listen up everyone! It’s the beginning of National Chocolate Week, so we have EF MEDISPA‘s fabulous In-house Nutritionist, Kim Pearson on hand, to give us the wise old words that we’ve all been waiting to hear… and it comes along the lines of “sometimes, chocolate is exactly what our bodies need!” (Hurrah!)

“Could chocolate help you live longer?” says Kim, “The oldest confirmed human being, Jeanne Louise Calment (122 years and 164 days) put her good health down to regular chocolate consumption – she claimed to have eaten nearly one kilogram per week!”

Okay so maybe not THAT much chocolate, but we are all ears…

“Chocolate can help boost your energy levels because it’s rich in theobromine (a stimulant found in energy drinks) and caffeine which can help give you an afternoon pick-me-up,” she explains.  “Just make sure it’s dark chocolate – if it contains too much sugar your energy boost will soon be followed by a slump.”

Okay, so, what chocolate is ‘good chocolate?’

“Well, dark chocolate is a fantastic source of antioxidants – important for protecting the body from the damaging effects of free radicals. Free radical damage is believed to be one of the major ageing processes, so eating dark chocolate may help you stay looking young!”

But, and this is a big but… Sadly these benefits only apply to dark chocolate, so Kim advises that we stay away from the Dairy Milk and opt for organic dark chocolate containing 70% cocoa solids or above. “Dark chocolate tends be lower in sugar and contains higher levels of the beneficial antioxidants.”

An on a final note…

Did you know chocolate may improve your heart health? Studies have shown that eating dark chocolate daily can actually help reduce blood pressure and improve blood vessel function. So next time you’re reaching for the biscuit tin, opt for a couple of dark chocolate squares instead and enjoy its benefits without the guilt.

If you’ve perhaps eaten a little too much chocolate recently or looking for a diet programme that fits perfectly to your lifestyle then why not give your nearest EF MEDISPA clinic a call to book your complementary consultation with Kim.

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