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If you’re currently half way down a glass of red, a nice rich choccie in hand while your gym kits squanders its time in the back of your wardrobe, you’ve got a classic case of the lurking February-itis. That time of year when our motivation wanes and all of our well-intentioned New Year’s Resolutions go out the window. But deep down, you’re already feel guilty about giving up on yourself – because you know that in the long run, healthier equals happier.

So here’s how to drop the guilt and keep that motivation going for February and beyond.


1. GET SOCIAL: Surrounding yourself with likeminded, health-motivated buddies is the key to lasting success. Which is why I founded the EF MEDISPA Running Club at the beginning of the year. Under the watchful eye of my personal trainer Luke Gray, we trot around Hyde Park, lapping up the fresh air and vitamin D – then retreat back to the clinic for some healthy snacks. It’s completely free and you’ll have a blast – so join us for our next run on Tuesday mornings at 9.30am outside the Kensington clinic.

Strike the pose!

2. ADDRESS INFLAMMAGING: Deep level, age-related inflammation has been a hot topic amongst experts for years – but it’s only really seeping into the public consciousness now. This year, one of my resolutions was to follow the fantastic Abascal Way Diet Plan that helps you reduce inflammation through food and supplements such as wonderful Krill Oil. That’s my resolution – and I’m sticking to it!

3. GO ZEN: Ok hands up, sometimes when I’m rushing around day-to-day, I’m not exactly Buddha on the mountain! But for the last 40 years, I’ve aimed to do 20 minutes of transcendental meditation every morning – it calms and clears my head in preparation for the day.

4. WATER, WATER EVERYWHERE…But isn’t it funny how most of us just don’t have enough to drink? Remember that the body is 80% water, so if we don’t get enough – our whole being pays the price. This year, I’m drinking alkaline water that put the body in an optimally healthy state.

5. MAKE A MANTRA: I’ve decided that one of my greatest skills in life is being able to drum people up when I most need them. When a problem or any kind of dilemma has cropped up in my life in the past, I’ve been able to almost get them to contact me…suddenly the phone will ring. So I’ve decided to make better use of my superpower this year by repeating my new positive mantra, “I am an amazing manifester!”.

Tuesday Tip!

tuesday-tipsWell there’s been quite the Twitter storm since our model-of-the-moment and favorite party goer, Cara Delevingne posted a pic of her getting hooked up to a drip on her Instagram account…and one may think it was that point that The Party Girl drip was born!

But was it? At EF MEDISPA we have been offering the exclusive Drip & Chill treatment to our clients since 2010 – I have been enjoying my essential vitamin infusions for several years, as I realised that this was the most efficient way to supplement my body’s deficiencies of vitamins and minerals. The Drip & Chill at EF MEDISPA is a cocktail of vitamins and minerals designed not just for the humble hangover, but for all types of conditions.


For us it’s not just the Party Girl Drip, but instead, a treatment for male and females who have really low energy, clients who are suffering from extreme stress, exhaustion or weight issues, as well as those recovering from illness or surgery. Our aim was to tailor each vitamin infusion to the individual’s needs so we do this by taking a medical history before every drip and making up a bespoke cocktail of ingredients for each client. Yes, we have those city boys and girls who are partying too hard and not taking care of themselves, but we also have lots of exhausted working mothers out there who regularly come in for a dose of the good stuff.

In line with EF MEDISPA’s philosophy of convenience and comfort, we moved the treatment from the doctors surgery to our medispa environment. The Drip & Chill is administered by one of our wonderful EF MEDISPA nurses and signed off by a doctor, ensuring the best possible care. We wanted to give clients a comfortable and relaxing experience – vital for those who are seriously stressed or have had to spend a lot of time in hospital.

For more information on the Drip & Chill at EF MEDISPA take a look at

or call 0207 937 5554 to book your appointment. 



I can’t believe I’m saying this but it’s almost a year – a whole year! – since we opened the doors of our Petits Bisous boutique and bespoke lingerie service on the King’s Road. How time flies when you’re having corset-laced fun eh?!

Anyway, to celebrate our first birthday and get into an amorous mood for Cupid’s busiest time of the year, we’re holding a pre-Valentine’s Day celebration in true cocktail party style! When I set out to launch PB, I was determined to create something truly unique for the London lady.

We’re the only place in town that offers bespoke corsets, swimsuits and trousseau wear, providing a made-to-measure styling experience that allows every woman – no matter what your age or shape – to feel the best she possibly can. Because as well as being sensuous and sexy, lingerie is also about fun and fantasy.

And whether you’re one of our loyal customers, (thank you!) or are new to the boutique, we’re taking the opportunity to bring our finest, fantastical offerings to you in our February event, showcasing perfect cerise pink corsets, bras and panties for the ladies, David Beckham-esque briefs for the men – and grown up toys for everyone!

I have to say, the corsets are the stars of the show – so come early and our in-house tailors can do a little nip and tuck to make sure yours fits perfectly in time for Valentine’s Day. So let us pamper your body and smooth your skin in the EF MEDISPA Chelsea clinic, then nip next door to PB where we’ll hone your silhouette with luxurious silks and satins. After all that, no man is going to be able to resist unwrapping you this Valentine’s Day!

Petits Bisous0651

Tuesday Tip!

Kim Pearson, EF MEDISPA's Nutritionist

Kim Pearson, EF MEDISPA’s Nutritionist

 So after last week’s Beauty from the Inside talks and listening to the expert’s advice, it’s left me feeling very clued up on how Gluten has become almost avoidable in our diets and how our diets have changed since the Paleolithic diet. I’ve always been aware that Gluten may have had effects on health which cannot be rectified by simply eliminating it from the diet, so it was down to my fabulous Nutritionist Kim Pearson and Colonic Hydrotherapists Victoria Cooper and Michelle Laud, to enlighten us.

 Kim spoke of how Companies are capitalizing on this and that unfortunately it’s not as simple and as easy as looking for  ‘Free from’ foods in the super markets. Wheat is apparent often in processed foods which contain other refined  carbohydrates and additives. Her advice on how to lead a healthy Gluten Lifestyle was so interesting and a lot of my  clients who attended the evening were bursting with questions and booked themselves a consultation.
 Nutrition at EF MEDISPA provides you, if necessary, a comprehensive health assessment, testing to identify whether you have a sensitivity to gluten and/or other foods as a result of gut hyperpermeability and a bespoke nutrition programme & supplement protocol. Kim will be your point of call for ongoing support to help you achieve your optimal health and put you back on the straight and narrow.
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Michelle Laud, Colonic Hydrotherapist

Michelle Laud, Colonic Hydrotherapist

Victoria Cooper-Head Colonic Hydrotherapist

Victoria Cooper-Head Colonic Hydrotherapist

Victoria Cooper and Michelle Laud, our expert Colonic Hydrotherapists were on hand to tackle our guest’s burning questions… the first being “how can colonic hydrotherapy help me?”
Well! A fair few ways it would seem after my guests spent time listening to their informative and rather amusing talks, dare I say it, and excuse the pun here, I had a gut feeling they would leave the evening feeling enlightened.
From reducing bloating, a common factor caused by an intolerance or sensitivity to Gluten, to strengthening your gut and your immune system, Colonic Hydrotherapy can offer relief and help, for some clients, significantly after just one treatment!

So for more information on how Colonics and Nutrition can help, please do get in contact and we can introduce you to our wonderful experts and find out how it can affect your body, your lifestyle and your well being. It’s certainly helped me!


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