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Refresh your Skin for Spring

LogoFollowing a week of lovely weather in London, it seems spring really is on its way! To celebrate this, and to mark the official start of spring on the 1st of March, I am excited to announce the launch of a brand new treatment at EF MEDISPA – the Biologique Recherche Spring Clean Facial. The perfect treatment for erasing Winter’s damage, this incredible ‘back to the future’ facial combines traditional face lifting techniques with the most advanced products available, bringing together age-old wisdom and new scientific knowledge for bespoke beautification…

Using targeted products from the cult Parisian skincare brand Biologique Recherche, this facial offers a deep cleanse that removes all impurities. It also works to hydrate and rejuvenate tired skin, which is certainly in need of nourishment after a long winter that sees a combination of cold and wind sapping the moisture from our faces. With over 100 Biologique Recherche products for our therapists to choose from, every facial is bespoke to the needs of each individual, guaranteeing unbeatable results.

So if you’re feeling more drab than fab post-Winter, pop down to EF MEDISPA for this instant skin pick-me-up. You won’t regret it!

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Tuesday Tip!

Tuesday Tips

In light of the news that Kim Kardashian has undergone laser treatment to reduce the appearance of stretch marks on her breasts, I thought I’d take the opportunity tell you all about our wonderful stretch mark removal treatment using the Fraxel Laser. Stretch marks are a common complaint, especially post pregnancy, and can cause women to become incredibly unconfident in their bodies. However, this needn’t be the case as the Fraxel Laser at EF MEDISPA can substantially reduce the appearance of old or fresh stretch marks.

The treatment works by precisely targeting light into the stretch mark, removing old and damaged skin cells whilst stimulating the body’s own natural process encouraging new cell growth and leading to healthy, glowing skin. With minimal downtime, you can be back to your daily routine in no time – making it perfect for busy new mums like Kim K!

What’s also great about this treatment is that the laser technology is so precise it can be carried out on any part of the body, and works efficiently regardless of where the problem area is and how deep or fine the lines are.  However, if you feel Fraxel isn’t for you we also offer a great alternative with the Pixel Laser.

So ladies, if stretch marks are bothering you, restore your confidence and make sure you’re ready to flash the flesh before summertime with our fantastic and effective laser treatment.


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Hair thinning and loss is set to be one of the biggest health and beauty issues of 2014 as we look to replace old styling techniques with brand, spanking new technology that addresses growth at the root source – pun very much intended! If traditional volumizing mousses and sprays are the very definition of ‘fake it ‘til you make it’, our new combo scalp treatment of carboxy therapy and PRP is more ‘make it – and you’ll never need to fake it’!



Hair loss or thinning is often associated with our thyroid and hormones, and I’ve certainly noticed that as I get older, the area around my forehead and temples has started to look more sparse. By first treating the area with carboxy therapy, the skin in flooded with blood, delivering vital nutrients to the follicle, which in turn stimulates hair growth. Better still, carboxy is fast, effective and totally painless. Yet here at EF Medispa, we’re never satisfied with ‘so-so’ results – when we know we can get spectacular ones! Which is why I’ve been playing guinea pig and doubling up carboxy with PRP – or platelet rich plasma treatment – for the scalp. This is a method that has been used successfully on the face to plump and rejuvenate for some years – but we’ve only recently discovered that it can be used up top for hair loss. We take a small amount of your blood, then place it in a centrifuge to separate the human growth factors from the platelets and plasma, before injecting the human growth factors back into your scalp. The whole treatment only takes about an hour and a half and all you’ll feel is a series of tiny pinpricks.



So in effect, we use your own body’s secret stem cell weapons to rev up that hair growth and over the course of 3-6 sessions a month or so apart, you start to see noticeably thicker, more lustrous locks. And to bump up the benefits that little bit more, I get that same rush of blood to the head feeling but practising my favourite yoga posture and standing on my head for 5 minutes a day. What can I say, sometimes the world just looks better upside down!



Tuesday Tip! Shine Like A Hollywood Starlet

Tuesday Tips

Awards season is in full swing, and we’ve noticed that dresses with revealing necklines have been stealing the spotlight this year, perhaps signalling a new era in red-carpet décolletage!  For many it can take a lot of courage to take the plunge and reveal the skin between your neck and chest, as this is often the part of the body which ages first due to factors including sun exposure, general neglect and gravity! For these women, EF MEDISPA has the perfect solution; The Neckline Define Peel. This revolutionary treatment uses easily applicable, highly effective creams and a hand held roller device, which work to redefine ageing skin, as well acting as a great preventative to protect and prepare the skin for the ageing process ahead.

For women seeking a quick fix ahead of an important party or event, EF MEDISPA also has The Lunchtime Quicklift. This is a brand new skin modelling treatment that is especially designed to plump your skin, smoothen out wrinkles and diminish signs of ageing.  This unique skin treatment combines multiple laser and light technology to offer a solution treatment for anti-ageing skin, with visible results instantly!

Nobody wants a neckline that’s a real telltale sign of your age, so after these treatments, it’ll be chin up and chest out ladies!

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