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Tuesday Tip! Be a beautiful bride

Tuesday Tips


Wedding season is almost here and it’s time for bride’s to start thinking about how they will look their best on the big day! A bride’s wedding day is, after all, her most special of days; a memory that will last forever in her mind, as well as in the numerous photographs taken! Because of this, all women dream of radiant, unblemished skin and the perfect silhouette to fit into their wedding gown. But savvy Chelsea ladies know that slapping on a bit of makeup and slipping on your Spandex just isn’t going to cut it. They will be preparing the face and body for months in advance of their nuptials using our range of fantastic treatments.

Our most popular bridal treatments

The Balancing Micropeel and Colonics – This treatment combination incorporates the exclusive Balancing Micropeel with colonic hydrotherapy for inner health and outer beauty. The Balancing Micropeel was created to avoid the downtime associated with abrasive peel products. At EF MEDISPA, this is complemented with colonic hydrotherapy, which removes toxins and helps to rehydrate the skin. Like Gwyneth Paltrow, I am a huge believer in the benefits of colonics. Most people think that you just need to put something on your face to improve your skin, but they forget that, for perfect skin, you must have a healthy inner constitution. Colonics is actually the best ‘facial’ around.

Lipotripsy – EF MEDISPA’s next generation Lipotripsy Cellulite Treatment brings a pain-free and effective solution for fat reduction and is clinically proven to significantly reduce the effects of cellulite. Using advanced Radial Wave Therapy, the non-invasive Lipotripsy Cellulite Treatment is applied to specific areas of the body. Through triggering the fat cells to become permeable and enhancing blood circulation to the skin, this leads to an increase in oxygen levels and skin elasticity. Unlike traditional fat busting treatments, the advanced Lipotripsy doesn’t destroy the fat cells but instead, allows the cells to become permeable, meaning they leave the body naturally through the lymphatic system. This fantastic treatment is especially perfect if you suffer from cellulite on the backs of your arms and if you need a lift in confidence before donning that strapless white dress!

EF Ultra – EF Ultra reduces stubborn areas of fat on the body using a revolutionary combination of two time-tested technologies; ultrasound and radio-frequency.  These two highly effective methods of fat removal and body contouring have been combined for the first time to provide greater results in less time. Suitable for all ages and all skin types EF Ultra can be used on any area of the body and is most successful for the reduction of fat on the stomach/abdomen, hips, thighs, buttocks and under the chin. There will be no spandex necessary with this fat-busting treatment!



Pippa Middleton at Petits Bisous

In April Pippa Middleton visited Petits Bisous on the Kings Road, here is a snap of her leaving the boutique with her rumoured Fiancee

Mail on Sunday - 20th April 2014 pg 9

EF MEDISPA Fitness Club in partnership with Life is For Living

The evenings and mornings are now brighter, you have probably booked your summer holiday so the EF MEDISPA fitness club beckons! Our personal trainer and partner, Luke Gray, puts us through our paces each Tuesday morning in Hyde Park and we most certainly feel the burn for the rest of the week, no pain no gain!

I am firm believer of inner and outer health which is why at EF MEDISPA I like to offer a full approach to my clients wellbeing, encouraging them to join us at Fitness Club each week. Life is Living CEO and partner with EF MEDISPA, Luke Gray, offers a diverse work out each week to my clients focusing on a core set of exercises. Last week we worked on our legs and bums incorporating running and sets of 15-20 exercise reps in between each 200m run.

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Tuesday Tip! Banish Spotty Botty at EF MEDISPA

Tuesday Tips


Wherever they appear, spots are annoying – but when they’re on your derrière they are, quite literally, a pain in the backside. Spots on the bum can be a common and terribly embarrassing problem for sufferers, especially now it’s nearly swimsuit season! But less and less of you are suffering in silence and perhaps that’s why in recent months, we have seen a rise in women and men alike seeking acne-clearing BACIAL’s (that’s bum-facials in case you were wondering!) at EF MEDISPA.

Here’s my pick of the top treatments for getting your bum looking clear, smooth, peachy-perfect and ready for that teeny weeny bikini. Why not also go that extra mile by combining these treatments with Soprano Ice Pain Free Laser Hair Removal for the ultimate front and back bikini line!

 The Purity Peelan intense formulation that is designed to correct skin conditions such as acne and enlarged pores. This Peel contains a unique blend of acids that work to clear the skin of blemishes, heal acne lesions, reduce inflammation and exfoliate the skin to reveal a glowing complexion.

 The Blueberry SmoothieA light chemical peel which is great for acneic skin. It refreshes and invigorates the skin by using active blueberry extracts and acids to exfoliate and restore a youthful glow without causing visible irritation.

 Harmony Pixelated Laser an innovative treatment for discoloured or slack skin. Treating age spots, photo-damage, irregular pigments, rosacea symptoms, stubborn skin legions, anginoma and melisma. By resurfacing the skin and rectifying any irregularities, the Harmony Pixelated Laser improves the texture, tone, colour and tightness of the skin for a clearer, more youthful appearance with minimum discomfort or interruption to your daily life.

 Soprano Ice Pain Free Laser Hair RemovalPermanent hair removal no longer has to be painful with EF MEDISPA’s new Soprano laser. Whether you are pain intolerant, suffering with hormone induced hair or have previously been told that lasers aren’t for you, the Soprano laser is your new saviour and will leave your bikini line permanently fuzz-free after a course of treatments.


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