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Men, de-fuzz forever at EF MEDISPA!


Laser Hair Removal has long been a popular treatment for women who dream of fuzz-free limbs without the hassle of shaving, and it seems men are starting to catch on to this too! At EF MEDISPA we have noticed a significant increase in the number of men coming through our doors for hair removal, suggesting it is becoming ever more essential to a man’s grooming routine. No longer happy to put up with body hair that grows like wild ivy on the back, across the bottom and sprouts from the nose and ears, men are seeking less painful and more permanent methods of hair removal than waxing. And this is where our fantastic Soprano Laser comes in!

For the first time, Laser Hair Removal is completely pain-free and can be carried out on any skin type. With Soprano Laser Hair Removal, an exact wavelength of light is delivered to demobilise the hair follicle, resulting in a visible permanent reduction in hair from the very first treatment. The surrounding area of skin is not injured at all, and the Soprano cooling head makes this a comfortable and painless procedure. So whether it’s hair on your back, chest, hands, face or bum that’s bothering you; our treatment will make you more of a beauty and less of a beast! Pop in now for your consultation and to de-fuzz forever!

Tuesday Tip!


Tuesday Tips

It’s that time of year again…Wimbledon! And whilst I love a good game of tennis, I will mostly be admiring the strong, toned physiques of the athletes involved. With all that racquet-swinging and running around it’s not surprising the game has such an incredible effect on the body, but unfortunately the majority of us don’t have the skills and fitness levels of Sharapova. I have good news though ladies, you don’t have to be a William’s sister to snag yourself a tennis-toned body! With these treatments at EF MEDISPA you too can achieve lovely lean legs, a pert bottom, and sculpted arms.


When the clock is against you and you need to be in shipshape quickly, book in for our EF Ultra treatment. By combining ultrasound with radiofrequency, The EF Ultra is able to blitz stubborn fat, tighten saggy skin to streamline your silhouette – and even reduce the dreaded orange peel effect of cellulite.


Our fantastic Butt Lifting Injections involve taking the adipose fat from the abdomen or thigh (depending on the size of the woman and the quantity of fat needed) and injecting this back into the buttock area to lift drooping bottoms.


Our MicroFirm treatment is the very latest skin tightening and firming treatment for the body and face. It is a highly effective combination therapy that uses micro-needling with radio frequency to efficiently boost collagen and firm sagging skin, fabulous for blasting those bingo wings! 

tennis bod


Between the EF clinics, Petits Bisous, worldwide beauty conferences and something called a social life, I just thought that – well, I really didn’t have enough on my plate! So I decided that the route to progress was to diversify – to spread the EF clinic wings so more people could nab a slice of our extraordinary results. And the best way to do so was by teaming up with the beauty industry’s greats. So welcome to The EF Skin Spa – a new franchise kicking off in Paul Edmond’s Knightsbridge in conjunction with the miraculous product technology of Bioloqique Recherche. Focusing on the decotellage upwards, we’re combining the EF philosophy of ‘intelligent skincare’ with the BR raison d’être: treating the ‘skin instant’ – or the state of your complexion at any given moment in time. As we all know, the skin reflects the internal workings of the body. So whether your complexion is a signpost for hormonal changes related to pregnancy or the menopause, or you’re feeling wiped out by work overload, or simply just need to look your beautiful best for your wedding day, I’ve designed treatments that go to the root of these lifestyle issues and get you the results you deserve. There’s something to quench ‘thirsty skin’, a treatment to achieve wonderfully ‘bright eyes’- another to focus on ‘lifting and firming’ when your skin is flagging a little. All tucked away within two super luxe, super cosy rooms in the Paul Edmonds salon – a little sanctuary in which you can sink back, think of your new perfect complexion, then count the number of shoes you’ll be buying in Harvey Nick’s as you drift, drift, drift off to…zzz.

Tuesday Tip: Youthful, heavenly hands at EF MEDISPA

Tuesday Tips


With a complexion and body many younger women would envy, it’s hard to believe that Sarah Jessica Parker is 49 years old. However a close look at her hands and their prominent veins reveals her true age. As we age our hands suffer from a loss of fatty tissue with veins and wrinkles becoming more prominent. However this needn’t be the case with EF MEDISPA’s top treatments for heavenly hands!


The Lunchtime Quicklift is a brand new fractional skin modelling treatment that is especially designed to plump your skin, smoothen out wrinkles and diminish signs of ageing on the hands. This quick, non-invasive treatment boasts instant and lasting results with no pain and no downtime, making it the perfect quick fix for getting your finger ring-ready! This unique treatment combines multiple laser and light technology to penetrate the skin tissue up to four times deeper than traditional lasers; stimulating collagen production and plumping, tightening, resurfacing and rejuvenating the skin with visible results after just one treatment.


Alternatively EF MEDISPA also has the Fraxel Laser which is extremely effective at reducing the appearance of any pigmentation or sun/age spots on the hands. The Fraxel Laser is hugely precise to exactly target problem areas. Penetrating deep into the skin’s layers, it utilises precise points of light to treat thousands of microscopic areas of the skin to get rid of damaged and old skin cells whilst stimulating the production of new cells for healthy, glowing skin.


Finally, The Pomegranate Peel has been designed for epidermal levelling and is packed with antioxidants to prevent free radical damage and support the life span of healthy cells. This peel works to even out the top layers of the skin and to encourage collagen production, resulting in fresher and younger-looking hands.




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