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Tuesday Tip! Rethink The Ink

Tuesday Tips

Cheryl Cole shocked us all when she unexpectedly married her boyfriend of just 3 months Jean-Bernard Fenandez-Versini. After announcing she will be taking her new husband’s (very nice!) surname and finally ditching ‘Cole’ from her Twitter and Instagram accounts, we can’t help but wonder if the ‘Mrs C’ tattoo on the back of her neck be the next remnant of her marriage to Ashley to go?

If you’ve rushed into getting a tattoo and you’re now regretting the inky error of your ways, EF MEDISPA understands the issues surrounding the desire to get rid of tattoos and is now offering the simplest and most effective of ways to retexture your skin to salvage the situation. Penetrating deeper than previous lasers, it works by drawing out the pigment from the skin – so slip-ups from the past remain your little secret! Although tattoo removal can seem less romantic than tattoo creation, the return to smooth, natural looking skin is a happy outcome for those with tattoo regret.

EF MEDISPA uses the most advanced Q Switched Nd; YAG laser head, to direct quick impulses of light precisely onto the tattoo. Regardless of your tattoos shape or size our treatment is effective at breaking down the ink and pigment into much smaller particles, which are then easily and naturally removed through the body’s lymphatic system during the next few weeks after the initial treatment.

The therapists at our clinics are highly trained for laser work, and receive special training and certification for the tattoo removal procedure. They are also regulated by the Care and Quality Commission (CQC).

The EF MEDISPA tattoo removal treatment is designed to be the most comfortable available, however, tattoo removal is not completely free of discomfort. The number of treatments required varies on a case by case basis, but typically 6-12 sessions are advised to allow for full removal.






Yesterday evening we hosted a Summer Secrets Event at our St John’s Wood clinic where we discussed all things to do with sun damage and summer skincare. For those of you unable to make it, here is our round up of some of the best treatments for preventing, correcting and protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful rays and breathing life back into dehydrated skin.

Fraxel Laser

Perfect for post summer skin, the Fraxel is excellent for treating and correcting pigmentation – although you need to make sure your tan has faded before you start the treatment! Fraxel treats fine lines, age spots/sun spots, pigment irregularities and uneven skin-tone. Results are tighter, brighter skin.

Chirally Correct Chemical Peels

If your skin is left looking dull and clogged after the summer, why not try a peel? This will revitalise your skin, removing dead skin cells and uneven patches to expose a smoother, softer, more radiant you. Our therapist will recommend the peel most suited to you, this could include a Pomegranate Peel to even skintone, the Blueberry smoothie for acne and the SkinCeuticals Brightening Peel to lift and brighten your skin.

The Biologique Recherche Soin Lissant facial

The internationally acclaimed French skincare brand Biologique Recherche products are available at EF MEDISPA. With formulas akin to prescription preparation, each product is made with the high concentrate (over 20% in most products) of botanical, marine and biological extract and contain no artificial fragrances. The Soin Lissantfacial is ideal for those with sensitive, reactive skin that needs immediate hydration and rejuvenation. This is a technical treatment, which combines cutting-edge products with special techniques to prepare, stimulate and oxygenate the skin, preparing the skin for effective manual sculpting.

Colonic Hydrotherapy

Colonic hydrotherapy is a fantastic way of tackling dehydrated problem skin from the inside out. This flush from the inside can make such a dramatic difference to your outside appearance thanks to the unwanted toxins leaving the body. It is perfect for hydrating and totally de-stressing the body post-Summer.


Tuesday Tip!

Tuesday Tips

Summer in Britain is a time of countless weddings and social occasions, I am pretty sure all of our weekends are now booked up until the end of September! This many events means our skin needs to look glowing, plump and ready for that photo opportunity at all times. I always make sure I book myself in for a last minute facial before an event or wedding to give me that instant glow and pick me up.

One of my favourite facials at the moment is the Biologique Recherche Remodelling Facial. This advanced exceptional facial uses state of the art bio-electrotherapy to re-sculpt, lift and plump the skin and muscles delivering both immediate and long lasting results. Top A listers and supermodels are all desperate to book themselves in for a Biologique Recherche facial at the moment before red carpet events and catwalk shows, and if it’s good enough for them…




Often I find that one of the biggest queries people have about beauty and wellbeing treatments is – ‘when is the best time to have them’? Scheduling anything these days can be a tricky task if you’re juggling work, children, friends and life in general. So, as everyone needs a little inspiration and encouragement from time to time, I’ve compiled the July hot list – the best, most efficacious treatments and combi packages that always go down a storm with our clients at this time of year.


Lymphatics, lymphatics, lymphatics…In beauty, as in life, preparation is the key. So if you’re confused about where to start as you embark on a new health and beauty routine, my advice would be to begin by boosting your lymphatic drainage to get that sluggish metabolism moving. An EF colonic is also the fastest way to get a flatter tummy if you’re running out of time before your bikini gets some beach time.


Prehydrate…We talk a lot about ‘rehydrating’ in the beauty industry, yet think in medical terms, and we’re used to the idea of ‘prevention, not cure’. I take the same attitude towards skin with a combination of deeply nourishing masks, facials and microneedling to increase the skin’s moisture levels before it gets to the stage of being dry. That way, your won’t return home from your holidays with shrivelled prune skin!


Get your fill…I think we can all agree that ‘Botox’ is no longer a dirty word. In fact, many of your girlfriends are probably already having it done, even if they haven’t told you. Because when you combine volumising fillers with Botox and the kind of skilled practitioners we insist upon at EF, the effect is so natural, it can remain your secret forever.


Have a transfer…A fat transfer, that is. Removing fat from the waist and replacing it on the boobs or bottom to sculpt and replenish lost volume, is one of our most popular treatments in our clinics right now. By combining this with radiofrequency and mesotherapy, we’re able to really flush out toxins from the body, speed up your metabolism and get better results than ever before.


Spot the difference…And finally, detail is king at EF. If there’s one thing people always forget until it’s too late, it’s the skin tone of their bottoms. So easy to get a spotty, dimpled botty after months of being encased in winter tights and trousers, our new facial for bottoms smoothes, tones and banishes those pimples  – so you can do that new bikini proud come beach time!

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