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Post Summer Super Peels at EF MEDISPA


Once the intensity of the summer sun has set for another year it’s time to go back to basics and reverse the damage caused by hours basking in the glory of the sun on holiday, in the park and on your lunch breaks. At EF MEDISPA we offer a diverse range of peels for our clients, each one personally tailored and recommended by our highly trained therapists. The peels are perfect for revitalising your skin whilst removing dead skin cells and uneven patches to allow healthy skin to appear; exposing a smoother, softer and more radiant you. They are also incredibly effective at addressing a variety of different skin concerns from pigmentation to fine lines, wrinkles and the dreaded melasma! With so many peels on offer it can be hard to know where to begin, so to make things easier for you here are my top three peels of the moment…


Eye and Lip Peel

The brand new Eye and Lip at EF Medispa is a gel-based skin remodeling solution especially designed to target around the eye and lip area. It targets fine lines close to the eye, crows feet – which we all know and hate, pigmentation build up below the eye or on the eye lid, pout lines and the Melanin moustache. Eye and Lip is a non invasive and trouble free treatment with little to no downtime, which essentially means you are free to carry on with your daily routine without having to hide away.  You can even fit a treatment in during lunchtime.


The Neckline Define Peel

This treatment can work wonders to the skin on the neck and chest tightening, smoothening and easing any pigmentation. Whilst it is a hugely beneficial treatment for youthful skin to help stop ageing and skin damage before it starts, it remarkably stimulates production of new collagen to improve the effects of mature ageing skin and elasticity and the appearance of age-related imperfections. The Neckline Define peel works on an entirely different and more advanced level than other chemical peels because the technology is a new, patented carrier solution which restrains the acids activity until it is absorbed. The acids protons accelerate through the skin separating cells in a ‘cleaner’ quicker way, so that your skin repairs with little or no downtime.


The Depigmentation Peel

The Depigmentation Peel works by blocking the process that causes hyperpigmentation, it removes all types of pigmentation including melasma. The depigmentation Peel is compatible with all skin complexions and does not include TCA or hydroquinone.

Tuesday Tip!

Tuesday Tips

The beautiful Molly Sims recently opened up about her ongoing struggle with adult acne, proving that no matter just how airbrushed your favourite celebrity may look, they all have their own beauty bothers! Unfortunately adult acne is an increasingly common problem, which we are seeing more and more of at EF MEDISPA. Perhaps unsurprisingly, everyday stresses and over-indulgence in food and drink combine with hormonal imbalance, acne bacteria and inflammation of the oil or sebaceous glands to leave us suffering with breakouts long after our teenage years are over!

At EF MEDISPA our highly trained and dedicated team aim to tackle acne by reducing the appearance of spots and acne scarring as well as improving your skin health through a combination of skin treatments, topical cosmeceutical serums and internal balancing through supplements and nutrition.

Pop in now for a consultation and to find out how we can help you overcome this troublesome skin condition with our fantastic range of treatments, from laser treatments to skin peels and even colonics! Poor skin health can so often be a result of poor elimination of toxins from the body, and a colonic can work wonders in flushing you out and getting your system moving again. In fact many clients describe a course of colonic hydrotherapy as the best facial they’ve ever had!



Summertime is the season for holidays and the season for holidays is the time for swimwear. So during a recent trip to Paris’ annual Interfilere trade show, I combined travel with trend hunting for next summer’s swimwear and lingerie hot picks. When it comes to far-flung destinations, we all know how trendy Brazil is right now. The World Cup holidayed there, the 2016 Olympics will take up residence in Rio – even the heavenly David Beckham has recently motorbiked through the Brazilian wilderness for his BBC Documentary! So naturally, I was more than excited to spy some up-and-coming Brazilian swimwear designers at Interfilere. Combining the sexiness of Gisele Bundchen and the sportiness of the Brazilian beach volleyball culture – the shapes, colours and patterns are set to ignite your wardrobe. And if vibrant colours and going clashy-clashy in your print choice between your bikini top and bottom is going to be hot, hot, hot next summer, those who are naturally impatient in nature will be pleased to know that the countdown is on for the launch of the first ever Petits Bisous own label lingerie collection. Tailor made in shape, size and sumptuous silks, satins and laces to meet our clients’ needs, we predict that these little beauties will fly out of store before the autumn leaves are even on the ground! Oh – and just to add to your shopping list, to all those customers who have sniffed and adored our special, in-house Petits Bisous fragrance, artfully blended by New York City’s Goldworm sisters – they’ve agreed to help us bottle it in an exclusive room fragrance. So you can bring a little bit of Petits Bisous right into your home!


Tuesday Tip!

Tuesday Tips

Be fuzz-free by Christmas with Laser Hair Removal

Cameron Diaz and Gwyneth Paltrow have both publicly claimed to love their ’70’s Bush’ and disagree with having laser hair removal on your ‘lady bits’. Initially Cameron exposed her close friends hairiness and professed the need for a trim  but now she seems to have joined suit and is also embracing the wilder side. This re surging trend and hairy approach to life is not for all however, the latest laser hair removal procedures are pain free and able to remove hair from more places than ever, bikini line, arms, legs, underarms, the face, even ears and the nostrils on men.

Christmas may still be a few months away, however if you dream of being fuzz-free for the party season, and even thinking ahead to next summer, then now is the time to be weighing up your hair removal options. At EF MEDISPA we are proud to offer permanent Laser Hair Removal using the fantastic, pain-free Soprano Ice Laser.  Available on any part of the body regardless of age, sex or skin type, after a course of treatments you will be able to say goodbye to your razor (and the resulting shaving rash!) for good.

So how does this next generation treatment work and how is it different from traditional methods of laser hair removal? Our Soprano Ice treatment uses a diode laser light, which safely and gently passes through the dermis allowing it to be absorbed into the hair root and destroying the cells so that they can no longer produce hair. Though hair re-growth has been prevented the laser doesn’t injure the surrounding skin, making it completely pain free. The difference lies in the application of the Soprano Ice light, which is constant. This is in stark contrast to previous methods of Laser Hair Removal that emit light using a pulse method, which can be time consuming as well as pain-staking.

So if you are bored of your bush and don’t agree with Gwyneth and Cameron’s hairy life choices, or perhaps you don’t want to flash a hairy underarm like Penelope Cruz or Julia Roberts at the work Christmas party, then invest in laser hair removal and guarantee a hair free, razor rash free, smooth existence for the rest of your days.

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