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You know how it is – we women are very busy bees these days. But when you find yourself trying desperately to eke out a window in your diary just to make time for your beauty appointments, you know something’s gotta give. Because in my book – there should always be time for beauty! Which is precisely why I teamed up with Paul Edmonds’ salon to bring you the EF Skinspa. And the concept is simple – if very different from the proposition we offer in EF MEDISPA clinics. At the Skinspa, we faithfully promise to bring you the highly trained experts and most efficacious, modern treatments that you’ve come to know and love in our clinic environments – but in an edited menu and atmosphere that’s all about pampering the busy woman.

Set right in the heart of Knightsbridge, you can totter in from a spree in Harrods and Harvey Nick’s – or even a quick browse in Petits Bisous, just a hop, skip and a Hailo ride away on the King’s Road – and have everything from a haircut to a blow-dry, mani and now, advanced skin treatment, all under one roof. But these are not just any skin treatments…naturally! We prioritize a personal skin consultation so, rather than just randomly picking a treatment from a menu, you know exactly what’s going to give the best, speediest results – whether it be spot-busting before a big night out, mesotherapy to restore your glow, or bringing your complexion to heel when it’s having a trans-seasonal temper tantrum!

I’d like to thank all those who’ve given us such fantastic feedback on their Skinspa experiences so far. And as for the rest of you – what are you waiting for?! Tweet me your views and news @EstherFieldgras



Just between you and me, a revolution in anti-ageing is coming to the beauty industry next year. But for all those of you who can’t wait, I’m willing to spill the beans on next year’s news now. For ages, we’ve been familiar with the idea of highly advanced ingredients delivered to the skin in pioneering formulas that really get where they’re needed to yield the most incredible results. You’ll also be aware that Biologique Recherche have been leading the way in this pursuit of eternally beautiful skin – no matter what your age. Yet up until now, the body has all but been left behind. Yes, we have hydrating shower gels and moisturising body butters. But go beneath the neck, and our poor old bodies have really been left out of the technology race. So BR will be changing the language of body beauty, bringing you products to use at home alongside their professional treatments – all including the latest ingredients and application techniques to make you beautiful from top to toe. Soon, phrases such as ‘hard and soft’ cellulite will become part of you beauty lingo. ‘Stimulants’ like eucalyptus will be harnessed to bring about the dual-benefits of eliminating water from the body and removing toxins from the blood to banish that orange peel once and for all. And when I travel to BR’s annual skin conference in Paris later this month, I’ll be learning more about their body secrets that really have emerged after they found themselves the go-to place for Parisian models to visit before photoshoots. Why? Because they left with skin so toned, smooth and soft that there was never any need to airbrush the pictures. So watch this space for the products that’ll make you feel like you have your very own Photoshop in a bottle…right inside your bathroom!

Biologique Recherche products and treatments available at EF MEDISPA 




Well, we haven’t even been open for two years and Petits Bisous –my lingerie boutique on the King’s Road – has become so popular that we had to create our very own label! Arriving in store this month, I’ve drawn inspiration from the golden era of glamour, taking the icons of 1939 to 1950 as my muses, and naming my designs ‘Vivienne’, ‘Loren’ and ‘Monroe’. This is thinking women’s lingerie with a cheeky twist. And for all the millions of reasons I know you’re going to love it, here are my top 5 favourite things about the PB own line

  1. THE BODIES…Are truly out of this world. So often the gap in women’s lingerie wardrobe, these are sculpted to streamline the silhouette, giving the most beautiful line when worn beneath clothes – or on their in within the realms of the bedroom.
  2. THE FABRICS…I sought high and low for the very best fabrics – and the labour of love was well worth it. Right on trend for the 2014/15 season, I’ve added super fine Italian netting in bright pinks and blues – to brighten up your bras and your day.
  3. THE FIT…If the fabric was king during the creation process, then fit was the admirably equal queen in terms of my priorities. Aimed at women of all shapes and sizes, are bra and brief sets effortlessly glide over skin, moulding the body in seamless, sweeping curves.
  4. THE COMFORT FACTOR…So often, ‘sexy’ is the enemy of ‘comfort’. But the PB line is the perfect marriage between the two. Our ultra luxe silks feel wonderful against the skin. You’ll never retreat to your so-called ‘comfy’ pants again.
  5. THE DETAILS…Rare buttons, scalloped edges and immaculate, tiny bows all prove that the devil is in the detail.

With prices starting at just £26, you may want to utter this warning to your existing underwear: “Thank you for your services thus far. You will no longer be required”. See you in the boutique! 


Ladies of a certain age will know what I mean when I say that sometimes we girls need a little lift, tuck and cinch as gravity begins to take its inevitable toll. So ladies, meet our new ‘Lace Lift’: A truly 21st innovation in skin lifting that is to beauty what a Petits Bisous corset is to the body!

Some of you may already be aware of ‘thread lifts’ – non-surgical techniques that require cobweb-thin threads to be inserted just beneath the skin, then used to gently defy the downward force of gravity. It sounds like something out of a science fiction movie doesn’t it? Which is why I was intent upon finding the best possible expert and technique before launching it at EF MEDISPA.

At Monaco’s Anti-Ageing Conference in April, I was lucky enough to meet Dr Gabriella Mercik – a dermatological miracle worker who specialises in the safest, most advanced thread lifts this industry has yet seen. The beauty of her one-hour, stress-free treatment is that after a topical anaesthetic has been applied, a web of intricate ‘laces’ are woven in a precise way, just below the skin surface. And while there’s no pain, there’s plenty of gain to be had. For not only do the laces have an instant lifting effect thanks to her special ‘anchor and pull’ technique, but the skin also firms around the thread, making for a smoother, more luminous complexion that just keeps on improving as time goes on. Better still, thanks to the expertise of Dr G’s technique, we can now also apply this treatment to larger areas of skin – encompassing everything from the area around the eyes to smoker’s lip lines, the jaw, neck and décolleté.

Of course, a traditional facelift is highly invasive and will leave you with extensive bruising and swelling, post-op. After my Lace Lift, I was merely a little bruised and a tiny bit tingly for 10 days. Our lovely therapists will even send you off with a post-treatment goody bag to hurry your skin on its way to healing – so you get nothing but spectacular results that will last between 24 to 36 months, after which the threads dissolve in a harmless way. Safe, with minimal downtime and visibly perkier skin – there’s only two words I can use to sum up this treatment: Bloody marvellous! Book your consultation at the Kensington Clinic now on 020 7937 5554  – before everyone else does.

Have questions about the Lace Lift or want to find out more about our innovative, cutting edge treatments? Visit our website or call us today.



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