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Banish Your Turkey Neck in Time For Christmas With The NEW Lace Lift At EF MEDISPA

Christmas is fast approaching and it’s a time when everyone wants to look and feel their best, however a crepey, sagging ‘turkey neck’ can really knock a person’s confidence and stop them feeling like a Christmas cracker! With so much focus on maintaining a youthful face, the neck often reveals a woman’s real age and this area has been one of the most difficult parts of the body to deal with – until now! Our NEW Lace Lift is a fantastic non-surgical facelift that can be used to tighten loose skin in a number of areas including the forehead, eyelids, jaw line, chin, neck and decolletage.

The magic of the Lace Lift for the Face, Neck and Dec is that loose skin can be improved quickly and with very little downtime, achieving instantly visible results that last. The fantastic treatment offers a multitude of improvements to the face, neck and decolletage area including tightening, lifting, smoothing and plumping. The results are so incredible that they achieve a similar effect to that of a surgical facelift but with a quicker treatment time and minimal invasion, resulting in less downtime.

dr gabriela

Performed by the highly skilled Dr Gabriela Mercik (shown above demonstrating the treatment at EF MEDISPA recently), the procedure involves interlacing Polydioxanone (PDO) threads beneath the skin’s surface to tighten and lift the skin immediately.The threads dissolve after 6-8 months and during that period new collagen and elastin are activated, delivering a revitalised appearance of the skin with improved texture and lift. The fantastic news is that results are so long-lasting that you can expect to see them for 36 months or more, depending on the individual.

Pop in to EF MEDISPA now for a consultation to see how this procedure can help you, and you’ll soon be showcasing a fabulously firm jaw line and a tighter neck!




With just over a month to go until the holidays, the Christmas Countdown has officially begun at EF MEDISPA! After a winter hidden away in baggy jumpers, woolly tights and full length coats our bodies can unfortunately start to look less than their best and this can cause a crisis in confidence when it comes to squeezing into your little black dress for the Christmas party. But ladies I have good news for you, it’s not too late to start planning your Christmas body blitz – and we have plenty of pre-party tricks up our sleeves to have you feeling fabulous and strutting confidently in your LBD!

Cellulite is one of the most common confidence killers out there, especially at Christmas when this can be worsened by over indulgence in fatty foods and alcohol. The great news is you can take control of your cellulite once and for all at EF MEDISPA! We have a variety of treatments clinically proven to significantly reduce the effects of cellulite, and because we always strive to achieve the best results possible, we are able to combine these to create bespoke package for you.

Firstly we are proud to offer the Lipotripsy; the next generation, pain-free solution for fat and cellulite reduction. Using advanced Radial Wave Therapy, Lipotripsy triggers fat cells so that they become more permeable, whilst enhancing blood circulation leading to increased oxygen levels and increased skin elasticity. This method of treatment doesn’t destroy the fat cell but instead makes it permeable so that it leaves the body naturally through the lymphatic system, much gentler!

Alternatively we offer the fantastic EF Ultra, which is a great choice when the clock is against you and you need to get luscious legs quickly. By combining ultrasound with radiofrequency, The EF Ultra is able to blitz stubborn fat whilst tightening saggy skin and reducing the dreaded orange peel appearance of cellulite – it almost sounds too good to be true!

If you’re planning on keeping your legs covered this Christmas and instead you’ve picked out a dress with a plunging neckline, you can make sure your chest is at its best with our Neckline Define Peel. Perfect for plumping, smoothing and firming the skin on your neck, chest and décolleté, this revolutionary treatment stimulates the production of new collagen to improve aged skin. It works on a more advanced level than other chemical peels because it uses a new, patented carrier solution which restrains the acids activity until it is fully absorbed in the skin.

If you’re also susceptible to the odd chest-pimple, our Blueberry Smoothie Peel will have your chest looking clear, smooth, pimple-free and ready for that plunging neckline in no time at all!

So lovely ladies, what are you waiting for? Book in now for a consultation and we’ll have you looking like a Christmas cracker! 



There’s something so intrinsic about the link between fragrance and lingerie. Both appeal to our sense of luxury and self-indulgence as things that tickle the senses – deep down in the subconscious. So needless to say, when I opened Petits Bisous on the King’s Road, it seemed natural to me to commission our very own ‘house scent’. Here, the wonderful ‘nose’ from New York, Dawn Goldworm came into play. Not only has she masterminded scents for mega brands such as Victoria Beckham, Lady Gaga and Kylie Minogue, but she is also utterly delightful and understood immediately how to encapsulate the elegant sensuality that PB stands for in the perfect room fragrance. Ever since then, we’ve been scenting the boutique with our top secret blend – and both customers and passers-by have been haranguing us to find out exactly what’s in it. Now the wait is over as this month we launch the PB Eau de Parfum Maison. A wonderful concoction of dark patchouli, saffron smoke and musk, it conveys the warmth of a woman’s skin with a hint of the exotic that makes it incredibly moreish. As, in fact, is our new SS15 range. Yes, it may be November outside with the twinkle of Christmas just around the corner, but today we’re shooting the campaign for next summer’s collection on location in the conservatory of a country house. Without wanting to give too much away, I can say that the new season colour palette is unusual but breathtakingly pretty for those lighter, brighter days we all look forward to. Think a spectrum of blues from navy to baby, creams and peaches too. It’ll be in store early next year so even when things feel dark and dreary in the very depths of winter, there’ll be something to feel exceptionally cheery about!

Petits Bisous Eau de Parfum Maison, £65 ( 



While I love travelling for work and pleasure, I have to say that one of the best things about living in London is the fabulous restaurants. I’m always keen to both try out hot new places and re-visit some old faithfuls – and with party season looming, I thought I’d put together my guide to the best places in town to celebrate in style…

Best for brunch: You can’t beat the eggs and salmon, washed down with a fresh green juice amidst the portrait-covered walls of the Berners Tavern at The London Edition Hotel. I’ve planned a birthday brunch there for my husband this month.

For ladies who lunch: My new find is Pavilion – a member’s club on Kensington High Street with a restaurant, bakery and florist that caters to non-members as well. For a scrummy but speedy weekday lunch, opt for the artichoke soup and squash risotto. Delicious!

Cocktail hour: What can I say, I’ve always been a martini girl – and you’ll find no better in London than those mixed amongst the swanky surrounding of The Arts Club on Dover Street. Sit outside in the summer and while away the long, hot evening with a cocktail near at hand.

Superb suppers: Italian or Asian – you choose. Whichever you got for at Novikov in Mayfair, the freshness of their ingredients and skill of the chefs will ensure you’re well fed – and there’s always a glam celeb or two to spot to keep you entertained between courses.

Perfect puddings: When it comes to satisfying my sweet tooth, I will always love Claridges. But if you want to blow the diet without necessarily breaking the bank, head up to The Orrery in Marylebone. With everything from pannacotta to crème brulee, chocolate parfait to tarte tatin, I like to get a selection to tantalise my taste buds!

On my wishlist…The Heron Restaurant & Sky Bar, Sushi Samba and a return visit to The River Café. And going down…Chiltern Firehouse. It may be trendy – but the remote smoking area with no access to drinks is too much hassle for my discerning taste!


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