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From how long to cook the turkey to what to watch on TV, as much as we love Christmas, it can be a breeding ground for family tiffs. Which is why I’ve got ours down to a ‘T’! Here’s my guide to staying merry…and getting the best tasking turkey in town!

Eating out: There’s enough cooking to do on Christmas Day. So this year, as we’ve got mother-in-laws, brother-in-laws, nephews, children and a partridge and a pear tree coming chez Fieldgrass between 24th and 26th, we’ll be lunching at London classic – Daphne’s – on Christmas Eve.

Present and correct: Santa doesn’t come to our house…we must have been very wicked! We save our presents to open during lunch. Which reminds me – I’ve still got shopping to do…!

Turkey tricks: I love to mix sweet and savoury flavours, so I’ll be stuffing ours with a variety of fruits to bring out the bird’s natural juiciness and pack it full of flavour. And then for my secret turkey weapon….cooking it upside down to let the juices run down through the meat and keep it nice and moist. Delia – eat your heart out Delia!

TV squabbles: Maybe it’s a generational thing, but my mother-in-law just loves the Queen’s speech. So on it goes at 3pm. Then I insist upon settling down for the good old Downton Christmas special later on. Fair’s fair!

Keeping the peace: Distraction is key here. To counterbalance Christmas cabin fever and diffuse any potential arguments, we get out and about on Boxing Day. This year, we’ve got tickets to The Book of Mormon.

Damage limitation: After Daphne’s, Christmas Day lunch and a mid-afternoon snackette or two, (runny cheese, red wine, liqueurs…delicious!) all those calories can gravitate towards your derriere. But fear not – watch this space for our new EF January treatment. We may just have a ‘cheeky’ little lift coming your way.

Merry Christmas!



Lovely lingerie is the ideal prezzie to receive at Christmas, isn’t it? So we decided to get into the swing of December fun with a spree of events in store. For the annual Dovehouse parade, our windows came alive – with our very own PB model drawing crowds of passers-by with a flick of her magic feather wand and a her gorgeous, Marilyn-esque corset. Let’s just say that there were more than a few goggle-eyed city boys shaken out of their reverie during their commute home! We also asked the fabulously naughty events company, Killing Kittens to come into store for an night dedicated to helping women unlock their ultimate pleasure. But of course, of course, it’s Christmas time – and public transport failed us at the last minute! While our poor kitten rang us in despair from a train miles away, I was faced with a shop full of customers expecting some action – and no expert to pass on their pearly wisdom. So naturally, I rolled up my sleeves, re-filled everyone’s champagne glasses…and delivered the talk myself! I kicked off with some advice on how to find your inner goddess, and then moved onto how we can open the sacral chakra to foster self-awareness and love. So far, so good! As my audience warmed to the subject, (and got stuck into the bubbly!) we covered everything from what type of sex gets them going to how to find the man you really want…and generally wondered off down the conversational path in pursuit of the ultimate female pleasure. I think a good time was had by all, and I’m told that if ever I so wish, a career in adult sex education awaits me! In the meantime, I might stick to what I know best…panties, bras, corsets, facials and butt lifts. Watch this space for more bras and beauty coming in 2015!



It sounds like the Holy Grail doesn’t it?! Because we all know that Christmas is the time for turkey, brussel sprouts, mince pies, chocolate, champagne…and a partridge in a pear tree! There are times in life when a girl just has to splurge, so I’m all for enjoying the season without fear of calories or an ever spreading waistline. That said, knowing I have a safety net is what allows me to relax and enjoy the season. Yes, we’ve created the Holy Grail of detoxing with a hybrid colonic treatment that’ll help re-balance your body, purge it of nasties, flatten your stomach – and even pep up those energy levels so you can start the New Year with a spring in your step. The secret lies in our new Californian wheatgrass/coffee colonic combo. One part inspired by the Hollywood A-listers’ secret to a flat tummy all year round, it blends the benefit of wheatgrass with a hefty dose of coffee. So here comes the science part: It looks (and tastes!) fairly disgusting but not only has wheatgrass been found to pack a punch in health-boosting nutrients such as iron, magnesium and vitamins B, C and E, but by flushing it directly into the colon, we side-step the stomach sensitivity associated with drinking this potent green elixir and deliver it straight to where is can be used most effectively. Better still, wheatgrass is rich in chlorophyll – which in turn, closely resembles human red blood cells. The nifty thing is that due to this biological similarity, the wheatgrass helps to rebuild the blood, whilst keeping it free of toxins. And to all this we added coffee. Supercharging the treatment with a kick of caffeine to mobilise those stubborn toxins and beat the post-Christmas water retention bloat, this is the turbo version of setting your body to rights when it really needs it. Book in for a course of our fabulous new colonics and trust me when I say, your stomach, your mood and even your skin will thank you for it. And with that in mind, I’m off to don my new LDB, have a glass of bubbly and ooh – why not – squeeze in a mince pie or two..!


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