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Brand new to EF MEDISPA- Dermapen with AQ Growth Factor Serum


I am sure you are all as relieved as I am that when you leave the office at the end of the day it is a little lighter, the seasons are beginning to transition and we need to blow away the cobwebs of our winter skincare regime and start afresh for the spring.

My favourite treatment at the moment, and a new launch at EF MEDISPA, is the Dermapen microneedling treatment combined with AQ growth serum. The brand new treatment promotes collagen production within the face and body to relieve acne scarring, stretch marks and promote anti-ageing skin rejuvenation.

The Dermapen’s seamless application allows microneedles to penetrate the skin at varying depths. Micro wounds are created by needling the skin boosting the body’s natural repair system creating more collagen. A therapist can use a shallow penetration of microneedles for the forehead, cheek bones and outer eye area and a far deeper penetration of the microneedles can be set for treatments on the body to penetrate deeper into acne scarring or stretchmarks.

When this treatment is combined with AQ Recovery serum, formed from growth factors, it increases the healing process and collagen production even further. With regular use fine lines, wrinkles, stretch marks and scarring will be diminished, skin will look and feel softer and firmer. I am already using this treatment ready for holidays, summer parties and weddings in the months ahead. Now I am about the leave the office, in the daylight, and enjoy my weekend. I can feel spring is on its way!

Can You Anti-Age Your Brain?





Ageing is everywhere these days. In fact, delaying the evidence that comes part and parcel with the onset of time has become a global obsession. Yetwhile we often think about our faces and bodies – or even our hair – we tend to focus less upon the effects it has on our brains. Yet with today’s ageing population, degenerative diseases such as Dementia and Alzheimer’s are on the rise – so now’s the time to think about how we can prevent them. Enter stage left the marvelous nutritional expert, Patrick Holford – who is also the Chief Executive Officer of the Food for the Brain Foundation. Towards the end of January, I went to one of Patrick’s lectures in the decadent surroundings of The Arts Club on Dover Street. Perhaps surprising to some, Patrick is advocate of using our diet – not just to maintain a healthy weight and support our skin – but also to prevent certain age-related brain conditions. So how can we all start using food as medicine for our minds? Like many experts, Patrick recommended supplementation of the amino acid, 5-HTP – particularly if you are prone to depression. The B vitamins, as well as Omegas 3 and 6 are also widely used to maintain optimum brain function – again supplements can be helpful, and you can increase your intake of nuts, seeds and leafy greens too. Fascinatingly, Patrick also linked brain conditions to elevated homocysteine levels – and a simple test performed by our doctors could shed light on whether this may pose problems for us as individuals. Easier still, is getting outside and doing some exercise. As simple as it sounds, Patrick really believes in the oxygenating benefits of being outdoors, getting the blood and the endorphin’s flowing and increasing our exposure to light – particularly in these short winter days. So stop procrastinating – we can all take action to look after our brains a little better. There’s even a Cognitive Function Test available on Patrick’s website – or you can check out his relevant books, Optimum Nutrition for the Mind, The Homocysteine Solution and The Alzheimer’s Prevention Plan. It’s time to start anti-ageing your mind!



During a long, cold January, I must admit that I was counting the days until I’d feel the warmth of the sun on my skin again. Yes, I’m off on my travels once again – this time for pleasure, rather than work – as I head to Goa for a friend’s 70th Birthday party. But after months of our bodies hiding away beneath our warm winter clothes, it’s an all-out mission to get ship shape and body beautiful before I’m ready to flash some flesh! So if you, like me, are heading for sunnier climes and just don’t know where to start with your beauty prep, here’s my pre-holiday itinerary of must-do’s to get you looking fab and feeling confident when the heat is on!

  1. Let there be light! I’m a stickler for prepping my skin and it’s production of naturally protective melanin before I go away. If you can start with a round of LED sessions in an EF clinic around four weeks before you travel, so much the better.
  2. Stage a pre-emptive anti-ageing strike: I’m currently trialling Biologique Recherche’s new sun care trio. You pre-empt and prevent oxidative UV damage with their pre-holiday formula, use sun block during – then top things off with their after sun when you get home.
  3. Get camera ready: Holidays mean holiday snaps. But there’s nothing more depressing than coming home, downloading your photos – and realising your forehead looks like a shrivelled old prune! Sun exposure can exacerbate dryness and in turn, emphasise those wrinkles. So book in for some pre-holiday Botox to iron them out – and you’ll have a set of photos you’ll want to show off.
  4. Tone up: ‘Bonjour’ bingo wings, ‘oh hello’ cellulite. It’s easy to ignore what we can’t see in the depths of winter. But as there’ll be no hiding in a woolly jumper when the sun bakes down. But never fear – a course of tightening Radio Frequency will set you right.
  5. De-fuzz: Because ‘furry’ is never ‘fabulous’. Some long-lasting laser hair removal will keep you stubble-free for the duration of your sun break.
  6. De-bloat: It’s out with the cheese and sugar for me – I’m saving myself for the spicy curries of Goa. A sneaky square or two of antioxidant-rich chocolate won’t do me any harm in the meantime..!
  7. Twinkle toes: With my lovely ‘Goa chic’ pale blue and white kaftan packed safely in my suitcase, I can’t let it down by having shabby toes. So a pre-flight pedi is a must – and this year I’m plumping for a lovely bright neon shade.
  8. Cozzie you’re worth it: Bravo – you’ve made it! Now as you’ve done so well putting in the hard work thus far, it’s time to treat yourself before you do some last minute checks on packing you passport, tickets and toothbrush. Pop down to Petits Bisous where our new Brazilian-inspired styles come in an array of tropical colours and figure-cinching shapes that are sure to vie for space in your suitcase.

Bon voyage!



The month of love has finally dawned, bringing an end to our January blues! And to get you in the mood for puckering up for Valentine’s Day, we’ve come up with the ultimate plan for kissable lips and fluttery lashes.

The treatment: Whether your lips have lost volume with the passing of the years – or you’ve just never had the juicy soft pout you’ve always longed for, our new Kissable Lips hyarulonic acid filler treatment is the solution. Delivering an instantly plumping effect, the lips also get softer and more natural over time. Just make sure you book in now so any minimal bruising or swelling will have vanished into thin air by the time Valentine’s Day arrives. For those who suffer from asymmetrical lips, our fabulous Lace Lift can also be adapted to re-balance and re-shape them to kissable perfection.

The plumping products: Biologique BioKiss Lip Balm feels like manna from heaven on dry, winter lips. Like a duvet for lips, it’s wonderfully think and comforting – without being sticky – and delivers a powerfully hydrating and smoothing complex for skin that needs it most. Then you can let DermaQuest’s 3D Stem Cell Lip Enhancer plump up that volume – for a pillowy soft pout that begs to be kissed.

The lash enhancer: Fluttering your lashes is one of those age-old feminine wiles that never gets old. But if yours have been looking a little sparse lately, may I recommend RevitaLash’s wonderful growth serum. Its peptide and antioxidant complex delivers the nutrients your follicles need to promote stronger, glossier lashes with regular use.

The icing on the cake: And when you’ve done all that, it’ll be time to top things off with a slick of the ultimate lover’s lipstick. When I was young and dating my future husband, I’d smother my lips in strawberry-flavoured gloss before we went on a night out. These days, I’m more inclined to skip the strawberry and slip into something Tom Ford related. His True Coral Lipstick is the perfect shade to get your Valentine all hot under the collar!


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