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Spring, as we know, is the time of rebirth. Of renewal, renaissance and of new beginnings. So as the daffs and bluebells start to show their pretty heads, there’s no reason why your skin shouldn’t be treated to a fresh start too. Between the cold winds of winter and the blast of central heated rooms indoors, skin can emerge looking dull, dry and distinctly lacking in radiance. Which is exactly why we’ve launched a new Dermapen Facial in EF Clinics. By using the new secret weapon of anti-aging skincare, the Dermapen, we’re able to create microscopic channels in the skin and stimulate just the right amount of ‘injury’ to kick start it into repairing the damage, revving up that collagen production – and giving you back that juicy complexion of old. Unlike other micro-needling devices, the Dermapen enters the skin at a 90-degree angle, creating a precise, single channel that can facilitate much deeper penetration of any serums, gels, masks and stem cell products you apply afterwards. Naturally, I’ve played guinea pig, so I can say from first hand experience that the USP of this particular treatment is in the ability to treat very specific areas of the face, neck décolleté and hands – and also vary the depth at which you insert the pen. So for thick nasio labal folds, it works better inserted a little deeper, but for delicate necks, only superficial use of the Dermapen is required. To supercharge the treatment and produce even greater results, we’re combining it with the AQ Recovery Serum: A futuristic elixir formed from growth factors that accelerates the skin healing process and amplifies collagen production even further. So after only minimal downtime, you get targeted tightening and a treatment that reduces wrinkles, fades scars and puts the spring back in your skin!




If I said the words ‘beach body’ to you, I can anticipate the resounding groans that would follow. Summer is reassuringly still far enough away for us to hide in our cosy knits and jackets – yet close enough to strike the fear of God into us whenever we glimpse a wobbly bit in the mirror. So instead of hovering indecisively between the two extremes, it’s time to take action, get motivated – and I’m here to help! Here’s how to rev yourself up to make the best of your bod by summer.

Commit: Procrastinators beware – putting a healthy diet and exercise off until an eternal ‘tomorrow’ simply won’t do! So make a commitment that you can’t wriggle out of. I’ve booked myself on a weeklong trip to Sardinia with my personal trainer for seven days of fitness to kick-start my summer body and help me feel fabulous by the time I return.

Conquer: Divide and conquer that is. Because when it comes to your summer body, you don’t have to go it alone. I’ve already started my cycle of hair removal treatments and a combination of radio frequency and mesotherapy to tone up my upper arms, thighs and under-bra bulges in EF clinics.

Get confident: Feeling good is half the battle when it comes to looking good – but it won’t happen if your body self-esteem is on the floor. Which is why we’ve teamed up with Killing Kittens who are holding a series of Bookklub events in my Petits Bisous lingerie boutique to teach women everything from the art of sensual massage to bondage and male sexuality. Check out the PB website for forthcoming events and get clued up on confidence! (

Then splurge: Then when you’ve done all that, all you’ll need is passport, tickets – and a nice new cozzie or two to show off that body! Our new Petits Bisous Caffe swimwear range for summer 2015 comes hot from the beaches of Brazil with powerful pinks, tropical yellows and crazy prints to ensure you’re the centre of attention for all the right reasons!


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For all those who’ve been schlepping through winter, desperately clinging on to the promise of spring, I’m aware that news of my latest trip is going to make you grumpy! Yes, I’ve just come back from a jaunt in India where I attended a good friend’s birthday party – and truly immersed myself in the world of holistic Eastern therapies. So it was that I found myself in a big old house in total disrepair seeing an Ayurvedic doctor. Of course, there’s a cynic inside of us all who likes to question such ancient philosophies. Yet it really was incredible how intuitive he was and just how much information he was able to gather about me, simply by picking up on my energy. A world away from my hectic London lifestyle, he spent time teaching me breathing and meditation techniques that can not only help make us all live more mindfully – but can do miraculous things for our physical body shape in strengthening our core through a cycle of deep inhalation and exhalation. The good doctor then passed me into the miraculous hands of two massage therapists. Oh how blissful it was having four hands working synergistically on my body at once! Under instructions from the doctor, they laid me out on a slab of wood that acted as the massage bed – but is imbued with oils to keep it smooth and supple. Then they slathered me in oil from head to toe, (this was no time to worry about getting greasy hair!) and employed a series of long, sweeping movements designed specifically to re-balance my energy and promote healing from the inside out. At the end, they even popped me in a coffin-like box with steam rising up from underneath. The whole thing really was incredible – I felt lighter and brighter afterwards and much more in tune with my body. Naturally, getting back into the hustle and bustle of ‘real life’ means that those feelings start to fade – but I’m determined to keep up my breathing techniques and meditation, even for a few moments a day. Just to bring a little slice of India back here to (almost) spring-like Britain!


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