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Well, we’ve always professed to give our customers the royal treatment…Now we’ve got the evidence to prove it! Since some of the wonderful Biologique Recherche products can now be found in the wash bags for First Class Air France passengers, the airline asked us to host a day for their top beauty lovers – who always turn left when they enter a plane! So into our haven of flowers, scented candles and squishy sofas, we welcomed the airline’s most privileged passengers. The beauty of the BR range is that with 150 products to choose from, every treatment can be tailored exactly to the needs of the individual at any given moment. In fact, the BR USP, is diagnosing the ‘skin instant’ – then cherry-picking products to tackle wrinkles, dryness, acne, discolouration – or a combination of issues. For our frequent flyers, rehydrating and revitalising travel-tired skin proved to be a winner. And unsurprisingly, the BR Lotion B50 – a unique, re-balancing exfoliator that prepares the skin for the products that follow – proved to be the hero of the day. After an hour and a half facial, our high-flyers emerged fresh of face with a shopping list of BR products to ponder over while they enjoyed a first class soiree of champagne and choccies. Of course, you needn’t be an Air France aficionado to soak up the skin benefits of a BR facial. Whether you’ve got a summer wedding or fabulous party coming up for which you need to look best – or simply need to give your skin a boost, we’ll custom create the correct treatment for you. These are my three favourite BR products for a smooth skin transition through spring…

Crème Splendide: What can I say? This super rich cream is simply splendid for instantly improving skin that’s very dry after switching between the warm indoors to blustery spring days outside.

Crème MSR-H: Counters the effects of the menopause on the complexion, re-sculpting the jaw line and brightening overall if your skin lacks lustre after a long, dark winter.

Masque VIP O2: Feels wonderfully cool and frothy on the skin – my ultimate nighttime indulgence! When your skin is stressed by mid-season changes, this 20-minute mask will restore order.



Every so often, there’s a breakthrough in scientific research that you just know is going to be a gamechanger. Fresh from my trip to this year’s Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Medicine Conference in Monaco, I can reveal that peptides are set to become the headline grabbers of the future. Of course, peptides as a topical skin ingredient have been bandied around for some years now. But how many of us actually understand what they are and how they benefit us? Thanks to some heavily funded Russian research that was developed in conjunction with the military, we now know that peptides, when ingested in supplement form, have innumerable health benefits: As thyroid and prostate regulators – as well as brain and memory enhancers. Essentially, the body has many naturally occurring peptides within its cells. But just like amino acids, different peptides provide different functions. These findings – as well as the development of both topical and ingestible peptide forms – mean that products in the future may have intuitive capabilities to seek out a problem within our bodies, (such as an imbalance in thyroid function) – and work to resolve it. Naturally, I was keen to put these new theories to the test. So I’m currently waiting on a delivery of some topical peptide products to try on my skin – while my husband has agreed to play guinea pig with the supplements. The goal of course, is to bring the power of peptides in products and treatments to our EF Medispa treatments. For as the old adage reminds us, ‘you’re only as old as your oldest organ’. So master internal health, and you too can unlock the secret to external aging.

And while you wait on my first shipment of peptide supplements, here are my top three peptide-rich topical products for you to get your fill in the meantime.

Dermaquest Peptide Line Corrector: An impressive, 60% peptide serum that ‘fills in wrinkles from within’. One of the best peptide products money can buy.

Dr Gabriela Biomimetic Nanopeptide Rejuvenation Program: Intensive, wrinkle-busting skin rejuvenation that combines the dual powers of hyaluronic acid and peptides.

Cosmedix Affirm Antioxidant Firming Serum: A must-have for photodamaged skin, the 10 antioxidant super elixir revives and firms for those who’ve been half hearted about their sun protection.



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