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Anyone who lives in London will probably like me, have a love-hate relationship with the hustle and bustle of this incredible city. Because while it has so much to offer on our very doorsteps, sometimes the 24/7 working culture and fast-paced lifestyle can leave even the most energetic of us a little weary. And no more so is this usually the case than for city slickers working in high-pressure environments that send their blood pressure and stress levels skyrocketing! A decade ago, (oh how time flies!) we introduced our Drip & Chill treatments to our Kensington clinic. Now, we have a troop of devotees – many of whom are juggling the demands of a career with family and social commitments. Which is exactly why we thought we’d respond to their manic May Day and bring EF’s popular menu of Drip & Chill IV infusions to Canary Wharf for those that are short on time but need maximum results. A small but perfectly-formed space to provide a haven away from the bleep-bleep of their Smartphones and hectic meeting schedules, there’ll be four chairs located in our new-look, terribly trendy clinic! Based entirely on science rather than vague supposition, the first appointment will involve a complete medical history that’s run through unique computer algorithms in order to create the ultimate bespoke treatment plan for each and every client. Then all you’ll need to do is sit back, chill – and let the drip of vitamins and minerals work its magic. We’ve come up with a tailor made menu to help aid weight loss and detoxification, boost the libido and lower those stress levels. Each drip only takes between 15-45 minutes – perfect for a breakfast power hour, squeezing it in over lunch or indeed after work. There’ll even be the option of having a few injectable fillers to make you look instantly fresher – or getting those teeth whitened if you’ve been mainlining coffee just to get you through the long days. The good news? We’ll be opening our doors at the end of the month – but those quick off the mark can book in by mid-July to set themselves back on the path to energised, stress-free living.

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And now for a newsflash…with our clinics going strong in London, EF MEDISPA will soon be making waves on the Birmingham beauty scene thanks to a collaboration with the integrated leisure complex, Resort World. A shopaholic’s heaven with discounts on brands to suit all wardrobes, there’s also restaurants, bars, a casino and cinema. So when the owners approached us to help them create a spa, naturally we jumped at the chance. Yet far from being just another spa, we’re intending this to be a wellbeing destination with a difference, delivering the signature EF health and medi stamp, alongside pampering nail treatments, a hair salon and even a gym if you haven’t already shopped ‘til you’ve dropped! With a pool for those who fancy a quick dip, our 360-degree wellness concept also includes a fab juice bar so we get our Gwyneth Paltrow-style health fix alongside our signature results driven medi treatments – from toning and tightening to skin brightening.  We also plan to make the space a constantly moveable feast of visiting beauty experts and fitness trainers as well as industry gurus to help keep us all looking young and beautiful! More of a ‘lifestyle club’ than a standard hotel spa, I’m currently busily squirreling out quirky things to keep our visitors guessing. So whether you’re a mother and daughter booking in for some quality time, are organising your best friend’s hen do or are simply intent upon a little alone time, our programmes and series of intensive retreats will see you dotting from salt caves to saunas, pedicure thrones to makeover stations. You’ll have just enough time for a few scoops of my favourite gluten and sugar-free Sweet Rebellion ice cream before we pack you on your way feeling refuelled and revived – ready for the journey home or one last whizz around the shops! Watch this space for more details on our opening date and how you can be one of the first to soak up the benefits of EF in Birmingham.



No matter how good our intentions, there’s always so much to do before going on holiday that it’s easy to let your beauty regimen slide quietly to the bottom of your priority list – and then panic. But as a seasoned traveller, experience tells me that the maxim, ‘better late than never’ are words to live by when the clock is counting down to your holiday. And whether you’re jetting off to tropical climes or are enjoying the very best of beautiful Britain, I can assure that three days is all it takes to make one hell of a difference. So start your stopwatches, ladies – because here’s my top three ways to boost your body in just three days. Ready, steady, go…

  1. The quick cleanse: As the creator of the 12 day internal detox programme, yoga expert and lifestyle guru, Chris James knows a thing or two about maximising your body potential when time is of the essence. Now, the same principles have gone into his brand new three-day cleanse. Perfect for a pre-holiday blitz (or a post-festival recovery programme), you simply follow the user-friendly guide to taking the supplements and sachets with water or a homemade smoothie. And while it’s not quite as good as having a course of yoga sessions with the man himself, it’s the next best thing for bringing that body into perfect balance – pronto.
  2. The tummy tonic: Let’s face it, no amount of sit-ups or Pilates classes are going to flatten that tum when you’ve got only days until that new swimsuit makes its debut. Which is why panic-stricken celebrities frequently rely on colonics for a quick fix when Spanx simply won’t do. Our EF MEDISPA wheatgrass colonics are inspired by the same very same L.A. lovelies – and are the quickest way we know to beat water retention and re-balance good bacteria – particularly if you’ve been splurging on sugar recently.
  3. The skin saviour: Dry, wrinkly, dimply skin does not a good beach look make. As you know, I am a true believer in the power of Biologique Recherche. Hot off the press is their new Emulsion Corps VIP 02. As a cooling spray, not only will you want to pack it to take with you on holiday, but start applying it a few days before and this non-sticky wonder worker soaks skin in hydrating hyaluronic acid to smooth and tone lacklustre winter skin in a trice.


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