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Summer is the time for parties and the time for parties is summer time! And this year I have a big one…Yes, my husband and I will be celebrating our 45th wedding anniversary out in Spain this September. And just because no one wants to look dowdy when they reach the ripe old time of nearly a half century of marriage, I’ve swung into a full scale action plan to make sure I look and feel my best by the time our 60 guests start flying in for our three-day extravaganza! We’ve planned a pool party on the Friday night, lit by fairy lights and floating candles – with plenty of crisp white wine, Rioja, cocktails and food for all. Saturday morning may be a lazy start before we head off to the flea market. Then for Sunday’s grand finale – a party in a nearby restaurant. Naturally, as it’s been 45 years, I’ll expect to be laden with sapphires – to be accessorised with great outfits, even better skin and a new body thanks to my hardcore fitness regimen. So whether it’s a wedding, glamorous party or another summer event where you’re determined to look your very best, here’s how to get yourself ship-shape in four weeks or less…

  1. Stick to fish and skip the gluten – a great way to beat bloating, lose weight, boost your skin and overhaul your diet generally.
  2. Combine EF MEDISPA’s Radio Frequency with Acoustic Wave Therapy and some mesotherapy and this fantastic combo will deliver thrice the beauty-boosting benefits. Great for busting cellulite and fast firming, it’s a must for skin-baring summer events.
  3. Sweat, sweat and sweat some more – I’m currently stuck in to a rigorous exercise regimen. Think boxing, running, yoga and core stability work. No pain, no gain…
  4. Hair S.O.S. – a fabulous party is no place for grey hairs! It’s amazing the amount of difference great hair colour can make to your skin, eyes and overall glow. So I’ll be getting my hair coloured and highlighted pre-party to give me that extra lift.
  5. Nail it – groomed hands and toes are the perfect accessory to any party outfit. Essie’s hot pink Fiesta is my summer shade of choice – the ideal foil to my blue sapphires and new lime green Eres cozzie!
  6. Pop some pills – I’m taking so many supplements that I practically rattle right now! A great way to fast track you on the path to being party-ready, my must-take essentials include Chris James’ Gorgeous Greens, vitamin C, Krill Oil and a good probiotic.

And after all that prep, followed by a fabulous party – I think I’ll collapse in a heap!



We often assume that the word ‘summer’ is synonymous with ‘holidays’. But with the recent heatwaves still fresh in our minds, making the most of Britain in the summer suddenly seems like a good idea – even if it does mean sweating it out in the city. Because when the sun shines all day and it’s warm enough to wander the streets in short sleeves by night, Londoners become uncharacteristically happy. So here’s my happiest city hot spots to visit before the summer (and sun) is out…

  1. Pretty Woman at The Luna Cinema in Holland Park: Still one of my favourite films. Watch it under the stars in the surrounds of the beautiful park and Richard Gere will look even better looking!
  2. The Electric Barge: Every year, we take friends or the EF MEDISPA staff for a meander along the river. The company does the navigating and provides the food and drink – so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy. A wonderfully novel way to view the city from a new perspective!
  3. Mornings in Primrose Hill: With my summer body fitness regimen in full swing, I’ve been taking my workouts to the great outdoors. Of all the parks in London, Primrose Hill has to be my favourite – not only are the views spectacular but the hike to the top alone will have your heart rate racing!
  4. The Ivy Chelsea Garden: Handily situated right next to EF MEDISPA on the King’s Road, I’ve become something of a regular. Their outdoor garden really is a dreamy space to enjoy the best of a London summer – and some delicious food.
  5. Selfridges’ Restaurant on the Roof with Vintage Salt: Ideal for cocktails, this summertime pop-up is inspired by a typical British fishing village. Take a breather from the hustle and bustle of Oxford Street and look out over the city horizon as you sip on a good old fashion G&T!
  6. The courtyard at The Rosebery Hotel: Like a secret enclave in the heart of London, this Edwardian courtyard is not to be missed. Those in the know will also love the Sunday Slow Food and Living Market at which you’ll find a feast of breads, cheese, eggs and meats.

Summer London

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