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As many of you loyal customers will know, combining lasers and peels within the same treatment has always been a no-no in terms of taking a multi-pronged approach to skincare. But we recognise that you’re busy ladies – and that scheduling the two treatments types separately and days apart can all feel like a bit of a trial. Which is why we’re thrilled to announce the launch of next generation treatments that allow you to max out the benefits of both peels and lasers – all within the same appointment. Now for the science part: In the past, we’d need to prep the skin a few days before a peel to ensure that it was in the best possible state to achieve maximum results. On the day the peel was then performed, the unstable chemicals it supplied to the skin made it impossible to follow immediately with lasers without causing irritation. Now, American pioneers have managed to come up with new formulas for peels that, in being more stable, mean that lasers may be used within the same treatment window without negative effects or excess downtime. Although obviously still a new development, the potential possibilities for treatment combinations are endless – and we’re looking into seeing how we make this work for you. Case in point, Cosmedix’ RX line now features formulas such as Serum 16 and 24/7 that simultaneously hydrate the skin while removing dead skin layers – making room for the possibility of using a laser afterwards for the most impressive results. Similarly, if it’s pigmentation, pock marks or acne scars that are your particular skin bugbears, a new combination treatment of a peel, the Derma Roller and Radio Frequency will allow you to treble the approach – and triple the skin perfecting benefits! So, busy bees, watch this space as we work on the endless combinations coming to an EF MEDISPA clinic near you to solve your every skin conundrum…and fast!




My favourite French skincare brand, Biologique Recherche has continued to go from strength to strength – bringing that certain Parisian je ne sais quoi to our English beauty regimens. So it comes to no surprise to me that their growing popularity has spurred them to found a centre for excellence on the Champs Elysées. As en extension of their existing central location, they’ll be both a shop and rooms providing the highly advanced treatments for which they’ve become globally renowned. So to celebrate this new opening – and for those of you who don’t already have a stash of BR goodies lining the shelves of your bathroom – here’s my edit of top essentials to kick start your collection.

  1. Crème Anti-C: As most of us are only all too aware, cellulite and womanhood tend to go hand-in-hand. Yet this product does the seemingly impossible and – where so many other products fail – really does make a difference when it comes to breaking up those lumpy fat deposits. The fact that the smell and texture are also divine is a bonus!
  2. Sérum Matriciel: We all feel the pull of gravity on our bodies after a certain age. But there’s nothing like this wonderful toning serum to add some extra oomph and tightness to my décolleté, neck and arms. This is my secret weapon for fast firming.
  3. Solution Démaquillante pour les Yeux: A modern day hero for sensitive eyes, this is by far and away the best make up remover I’ve ever tested. It’s easy, effective and soothing – skin around the eyes feels instantly better after a simple swipe or two.
  4. Crème Splendide: No face should be without this. It lifts, firms and puts the spring back in lacklustre skin’s step – my morning routine wouldn’t be complete without it.
  5. Manual lifting treatments: My favourite of all the BR treatments. Inspired by French women’s adoration of manual techniques – rather than needles, lasers and gizmos – these feel truly Parisian and work a treat.

So now that you’re in the BR know – isn’t it time you start re-stocking your bathroom?!


As so many people are taking August away from the city, it’ll be September before there’s a real sense of returning to ‘real life’. And while I’ve no desire to wish the summer away, there’s something wonderful about autumn that feels like the perfect time to make a fresh start – particularly when it comes to your health, fitness and beauty regimen. So with this in mind, we decided to dedicate September to giving your skin a fresh start. For while UV exposure can lead to pigmentation, the heat of summer can inflame rosacea and give rise to spots, while increased sweat production can cause blocked and enlarged pores. All in all, not brilliant news for a glowing complexion. The solution is ‘retexturizing’ – our skin buzzword for September. Summed up as being the art of creating a smooth, rejuvenated skin surface to reveal that glow once more, the key is the removal of dead cells via exfoliation. Yet with so many myths in circulation about exfoliation, people tend to rely on course scrubs that merely irritate the skin. The antidote is professional grade methods of exfoliation that satisfy our clients’ desire for effective treatments that generate rapid results – yet don’t require a lengthy period of downtime. Which in treatment terms, means a combination of peels and light therapies that are best avoided during the height of summer due to their tendency to increase sun sensitivity. For blemishes and scarring, our Acne & Rosacea Peel retexturizes skin to reveal a more balanced, even complexion. Hyperpigmentation can be treated with our magical marine Deep Sea Peel – and mottling may be rectified with our Pigment Balancing Masque. Double up with our EF MEDISPA Luminous Lift – a treatment that delivers a rainbow of light frequencies to reboot struggling skin – and you’ll get double the results to set you on a new glowing path for autumn!



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