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Esther FieldgrassEsther Fieldgrass, founder of EF MEDISPA

My life’s work has been to help people feel better about themselves and maintain a youthful appearance. I founded EF MEDISPA in 2007, but my love of health and beauty treatments goes back 40 years…


I was originally trained in hair and beauty therapy and I opened my first salon in 1972. I quickly built up an award winning chain of salons which were recognised internationally for innovation and creativity. My work was regularly featured in fashion magazines and I had a fabulous time being the hair and make-up artist for the Miss World competition!


In the 1983 I moved to Asia, where I developed highly successful fashions labels, before taking time out to bring up my young family. Whilst living in Asia, I was introduced to a variety of healing modalities and studied under internationally renowned practitioners. I trained in reflexology, crystal healing therapy and cranial sacral therapy. I became a Certified Intuitive Healer as a graduate of the StillPoint Institute in the USA and became a Reiki Master in Hong Kong.


In the 1995 I returned to Europe and was one of the first practitioners to combine eastern spiritual teachings with western technology. I began to combine my work in complementary therapies with new technologies in aesthetics. For the past ten years, I have sought out and worked with well-known medical practitioners and leading manufacturers of aesthetic equipment. My research has taken me to Europe and North America, to international medical conferences and renowned health facilities, so I always have the most cutting edge procedure and state of the art equipment for my clients.


I opened my first clinic, EF MEDISPA Kensington in 2007. It was the culmination of my three decade journey in the arena of aesthetics and beauty. In February 2010 I opened the second EF MEDISPA, on the King’s Road in Chelsea, followed by the third St John’s Wood High Street in August 2011.


My vision, when I founded EF MEDISPA, was to provide a convenient and relaxing destination for women and men who wished to maintain a youthful appearance. I firmly believe that inner health promotes outer beauty, so I have created a range of treatments that combine the best complementary therapies with the most advanced cosmetic medical procedures, utilising both traditional methods and the latest aesthetic technologies. I have built up a team of leading physicians, surgeons and cosmetic dentists who work side by side at EF MEDISPA.


My proudest achievement was to collect the Aesthetics Awards trophy in December 2011, when EF MEDISPA won the best clinic chain for the year.


I have been married to my husband, Victor, for 40 years. I have two grown-up sons, Rudi and Theo, I’m lucky enough to work with them all at EF MEDISPA.


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