When it comes to getting in shape for the summer ahead, some people are all about ‘deprivation, deprivation, deprivation’. But me? I’m much more of a believer in letting your inner devil out to play in order to get better, longer lasting results overall. Regular exercise, of course, is the foundation of a healthy mind and body for life. Yet when it comes to food, anyone who’s familiar with the 5:2 diet of ‘calorie cycling’ knows that having a day or few each week when you tuck into something naughty can actually shock your metabolism into working a little harder and faster. So with that in mind, here’s my guide to having a little of what you fancy and still getting fit for summer. Because even angels have to let their inner devil out sometimes..!

Angel: The good little exerciser in me is going to continue my daily workouts of running in the park, boxing and core strengthening with a weeklong bootcamp in Sardinia. Led by personal trainer, Luke Gray, we’re set for seven days of early morning hikes, fat-burning fitness and good-for-you food. And possibly a sneaky Pina Colada here and there…

Devil: I took my children to the restaurant at the fabulous Rosewood Hotel, High Holborn the other day. They’re delectable British dishes using locally sourced ingredients had us salivating over oysters, steak and Yorkshire pudding and yummy cheese.

Angel: ‘Intermittent fasting’ has been something of an industry buzzword of late. I swear by the nil-by-mouth after 6pm approach of fasting overnight to help your body rid itself of excess weight. A few nights a week and this less is more approach is all I need to stay on top of things.

Devil: I always like to try the latest London hotspots. So off I trotted to the new Ivy on the King’s Road for a cocktail or trois. Try their Sloane Ranger – and you won’t be disappointed…

Angel: When your efforts pay-off, it’s time to ensure your skin keeps pace with your weight loss. Because saggy skin and a sexy new bikini do not a good team make. So I’ve been having EF vitamin infusions to help my body detox and rejuvenate my skin so it’s toned and tight. Back home, ill slather on Biologique Recherche Crème Anti-C to stave off cellulite.

Devil: The naughty one in me couldn’t resist taking my hubby to the Art’s Club for his birthday. And just because a regular cake wouldn’t do, I ordered him a giant chocolate bar instead. Definitely a slice of heaven for the devil in me!

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