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The Retrogrades


Linda Joyce, EF MEDISPA’s resident astrologist and life coach is sharing insightful views on the last few months’ retrogrades:


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How did you survive the last five months of continuous retrogrades? What did you learn about yourself? Are you ready to embrace change and believe that you have what it takes to live the life you’ve always wanted?   

The first planet to go retrograde was Venus in Capricorn. Capricorn, by nature, is slow and methodical and with a retrograde it brings things to a stop. Venus is often underrated in a chart because it rules love – an ethereal and subjective energy by nature. However, love is the glue that keeps the universe together. Many a powerful world leader has been brought to his knees by Cupid’s arrow. Love penetrates our barriers, our outer walls and it gives us a taste of feeling connected to something greater than ourselves. When Venus is in retrograde, there is often a feeling of disconnect, of being alone, of not feeling valued. If you felt unappreciated by the people around you before the retrograde, then those feelings were probably enhanced. Remember, others see your value when you do. Treat yourself with love and respect and you’ll find that others do the same.

Mercury retrograde is a common happening. We have one every three months. Mercury went retrograde three days after Venus went direct. Not much time to take a deep breath. Mercury retrograde doesn’t allow us to move forward, it makes sure we clear our desk of old projects; it brings people from our past into the moment, and throws our normal schedule into chaos. This forces one to slow down and deal with what they may have been avoiding.

The third retrograde was the most challenging — Mars, the warrior planet went retrograde in Libra on March 2nd.  Mars took us on an inward journey through our old issues of anger, frustration and denial. If everyone around you seemed upset or perturbed at the smallest indiscretion, now you know why. Mars put you face to face with the truth or what you didn’t want to see. For two months, avoiding your fears was not an option. Mars also rules your vision, so if you are not living your truth or doing the work you love, then you will feel the consequences of making choices that don’t support your soul.

With Mars direct, don’t panic. Things will begin to move and move quickly. If you’ve wanted a new job, you may just get one. If you were fed up in your relationship, then something may happen that gives you the courage to leave. The obstacle in your path will be removed; people will suddenly become available that were not in the past. I’ll be in London on June 8th and open for business on the 9th. If you’re interested in an update or a reading send me an email with the date and time you would prefer. I’ll do my best to accommodate you. The more you understand what’s happening, the easier it is to overcome any issue that may be preventing your success. I look forward to hearing from you.


What’s Happening In The Stars?


Linda Joyce, EF MEDISPA’s resident astrologist and life coach 

I thought I’d update you on the coming months; it has not been an easy year when it comes to the planets. The first five months put us in a series of retrogrades. Your mission is to clear up the past and get beyond it so you can create something new and exciting. This period could be quite rewarding if you’re ready to embrace change. Don’t be stubborn it’s there for the right reason.

The year began with Venus Retrograde (Dec 22nd – Feb 1st). When this happens it’s time to re-evaluate the real worth of people and things in your life. Perhaps you realized what was missing in your relationship and now you know what needs to be worked on for you to move forward. If it’s someone you’re dating then it may be time to part your ways, if the issues are important enough for you. It was not a time to buy things, what looked good in the store, may have lost its luster when you got it home. Also, when Venus is retrograde prices are usually too high or you can get a real bargain. Those end of the year holiday sales could have been amazing.

From Venus retrograde we moved into Mercury retrograde (Feb 6th – 28th). This happens every three months, so many of you are already aware of how it works. Communication is greatly affected, often in a negative way: appointments get cancelled or people just don’t show up. I went to a party on the wrong night! It’s happening in Pisces, so the emphasis is still on our emotional lives, that means relationships are still centre stage. However, when Mars goes retrograde on March 2 – May 20, 2014, then the real challenge is before us. Mars rules our assertive energy, our vision and how we take action. It’s not happy in the sign of Libra, because it has to consider others, and so you may have to look at where you are uncooperative and where you and where you need to hold on to your truth, no matter what others say. With Libra it is easy to project all the things you don’t want to deal with onto others. Be prepared to feel angry or to find others around you upset and frustrated. So don’t hang out with friends who normally drive you crazy and don’t challenge others during this time, unless you’re ready for a fight. Since this is happening for everyone, just be cautious and try not to over-react. Step away from an argument or a fight. Instead, meditate and Zen out. As someone wise said, “Don’t sweat the small stuff and it’s all small stuff.”

In between the Mars retrograde we have a Grand Cross (All of April). A grand cross creates a box, four points represented by planets that increases tension; this tension is meant to bring you to another level of consciousness, not take you down. Most of us don’t move without some pressure. This aspect often ignites war and conflict. So don’t be surprised if the world goes into a crisis, scandals erupt or revolution takes over the news. It’s time for change, if you can embrace it you may find yourself in a new place, that place you’ve always wanted to be in. Use the tension in your life wisely; let it ignite a spark to get you moving. Nothing is forged that doesn’t go through the fire. If you are avoiding the tension, then you could feel overwhelmed and get caught in difficult situations with angry people, all of who want to be in control. Rise above the problem and see it from a different perspective.

The key to handling most problems is a healthy detachment (not isolation). Step back and try not to take things personally. When you can look at something without emotion, you can see it more clearly and make better decisions on how to move forward.

To my English Clients, I am planning to come to London this spring. I’ll be sending out my schedule soon. For those of you that can’t wait and would prefer some support right now, please remember I Skype and do many of my sessions by phone – even in New York. Things are easier to handle when you’re clear on the issues and realize there’s more than one choice in most situations. It’s an exciting time, go for the gold – the prize is within your reach.

To find out more about Linda visit http://www.lindajoyce.com

What’s Ahead in 2014?

It’s A Challenging Year

Linda Joyce, EF MEDISPA’s resident astrologist and life coach is sharing insightful views on 2014:

Linda Joyce

The New Year is upon us and so is the hope that life will bring us wonderful new things. The universe is on your side, it wants you to be happy, but there are habits and beliefs each of us have attached ourselves to that make our happiness a challenge. In 2014 you will have a chance to get rid of the things that hold you back. Unfortunately, that means you will be tested and forced to go deeper into your life so that you can uproot what needs to go. Don’t complain; look at what the stars are trying to show you. If you can’t move forward, hold on to the new thoughts and embrace them through your heart – change will happen. If you don’t want change in any way, then you will have a challenging year. It’s either up the spiral or down it – the choice is yours. Good luck and I hope the following information will help you navigate the murky waters.

January, 2014.  Venus Retrograde (Dec. 22 – Feb 1)
When Venus is retrograde, it provides lessons in evaluating the real worth and value of people and things in our lives (Taurus-Libra issues). It’s a time when you become aware of problems and issues in your relationships. Don’t just look at others; pay attention to yourself and how you may keep the love you want at a distance. If your heart was broken or trust is a challenge, then love will frighten you because it requires you to surrender. It is NOT a time, however, to act upon any unfavorable insight. Your job is to assess the issues and when Venus goes direct then you can take action. If you meet someone new during this time, proceed with caution. Insight comes with those you know, the new people on the block can be misread. So don’t get too excited about your new love until Venus goes direct. It’s all about the past and if you have a past love, he (she) may just reappear.

The worst part of a Venus Retrograde is when it causes you to feel unloved, underappreciated and disappointed. Of course, the opposite is also possible; you can take a present relationship and bring it to a deeper and more rewarding place. Don’t waste time feeling sorry for yourself, but do look at how you may block love from entering your life. Too many of us have acquired strong defenses when it comes to trusting others and receiving help or love. So pay attention.

The natural ruler of the Second House, Venus is in charge of your financial affairs. This is NOT a good time for investing or starting new financial activities. The value of the product or commodity is often inflated or over-valued so that losses will occur when Venus turns direct. Don’t let yourself splurge, because you’re feeling unloved. It can be very costly. Be especially cautious when it comes to purchasing luxury items. Your motivation may be impractical and what looks gorgeous in the store may turn out to be something you dislike once Venus turns direct! This retrograde does have excellent financial benefits if you know how to use them. Because it’s an impractical time, you can sell things that otherwise no one would buy. Working with the inflated value of this Venus transit makes this an excellent time to unload stocks, real estate and unwanted items. Then, use the money gained to pay off debts. During this time things are either over-valued or undervalued – and that includes relationships.

February 2014 \ Mercury Retrograde (Feb 6- 28)
February brings us our first Mercury retrograde of the year. It’s happening in Pisces on February 6. Once again the retrogrades are in water signs so there is still an emphasis on our emotional life and how we relate to others. Mercury is looking for a profound connection, something to unite us all. This is intensified as the North Node moves into Libra on February 23, and now the years theme is truly in place – it’s all about relationships. Mars begins the year in Libra (the sign of relationships) and stays for nearly 8 months because of its retrograde action. The North Node transiting Libra will demand you up your game when it comes to evolving, learning and growing with those you love or interact with. Mars enriches the debate on what motivates you to love and it will force you to look at the “we” rather than the “I”. It’s time to get involved, to make amends, to find peace.

Mars, however, is in its detriment in Libra. It’s out of its comfort zone and that may well be one of the manifestations – feeling uncomfortable. With Libra we tend to project those things we don’t like about ourselves – or we don’t see. Anger, rage and how we defend ourselves are all called into question. It’s a fight for peace.

March 2014.  Mars Retrograde ( March 2 – May 20)
Mars is our assertive energy, our ability to push ourselves forward and jump into life, when it’s retrograde vitality is lost and there is hesitancy about taking action. It’s not the time to initiate — whoever initiates loses— so have patience and learn how to respond rather than lead. With a new project, it may fizzle out and never really go anywhere. A hot romance can fizzle too. Try to avoid arguments now because they stay with you. In legal matters, let your opponent make the first move. It’s a given that during Mars retrograde they will lose. Matters commenced while Mars is retrograde will be frustrating and plagued with disruptions. At this time, people become irritated when activities do not run smoothly.

April 2014.  The Grand Cross
March 30 – April 30, 2014: The energy is extreme as a grand cross is formed by Mars in Libra, Jupiter still in Cancer, Pluto in Capricorn, and Uranus together with a New Moon in mid Aries! This aspect can bring about uprisings, revolutions, scandals, new amazing inventions and epic events like a tsunami or a major war. You get the idea, it creates a crisis because something new has been added to the picture or our differences have no place to go and so they collide. It’s the tension that brings about the transformation, and this Grand Cross is especially intense.

A Grand Cross brings up issues of power and control. On a personal level, which part of yourself will win. On a global level the revolutions is on. Life appears to be at cross-purposes. People are divided and upset and there is a call for action and change. Anything that feels like a stalemate, isn’t. When Mars starts moving forwards again and re-crosses this 13th degree of Libra in June, the consequences or results of this square may be plain to see. Remember, it’s not about winning it’s about changing and transforming. You are being asked to rise above the problem and see it from a different perspective. When you do you will know how to unify all the parts instead of take sides.

There is one challenge that if you understand it, makes all the rest less difficult – it’s how you view the obstacles on your path. Life does not exist without a struggle. Your struggle can be as simple as trying to say “no” to others or what you don’t want in your life, it can be a commitment to the work that has to be done to get your project going, or it could be facing the limitations in a relationship and working with what you have, not what you want it to be. Whatever your personal struggle is, know that it is not there to stop or punish you, on the contrary, it’s meant to help you realize how powerful you really are and how much you can overcome if you move toward the challenge instead of away. The impossible becomes possible when you have the faith to keep taking the next step. And whatever you do, don’t be afraid to reach out to others. It’s so easy to become isolated and feel alone. During disasters people come together and find a sense of unity and intimacy that is not possible without the crisis. The mission is to keep a positive attitude, be grateful for the good things in your life, and keep taking the next step. If you can be in the moment, with all its diverse emotions, you’ll find that thin thread that when you pull it, begins to unravel your destiny.



Tuesday Tip!

I have a very special Tuesday Tip for you this week – EF MEDISPA’s beauty astrologer and life coach, Linda Joyce, is soon to be travelling all the way from the Big Apple to London and available for appointments at our Chelsea  EF MEDISPA Clinic.

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Linda Joyce – EF MEDISPA’s beauty astrologer and life coach


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Pluto Square Uranus Oct 17- Nov. 16, 2013

This is a life-changing aspect that began in June 2012; this is the fourth of the seven squares and the apex point of this cycle. Global tension has been mounting with the US contemplating air strikes against the use of lethal gas by the Syrians. Pluto rules dictators and before this entire cycle is finished (March 2015) many will fall. If you are ruled by one in your personal life, you will find that during these squares you can no longer tolerate the abuse of power. We are each being asked to awaken, rebel against, and transform anything that does not bring liberation to ourselves and others. Outmoded structures will fall, and lives will be transformed. It’s a time when the barriers that have held you back get dismantled so you can move forward – that’s a good thing. However, Pluto makes things happen in spite of the resistance, so there is often a feeling of loss or destruction that comes with the transformation. Uranus is futuristic and brings with it enlightenment. Embrace this cycle as an important opportunity to transform and create the necessary change for a better life

Mercury Retrograde Oct 21st – Nov. 11th

Mercury retrograde occurs around every three months and it reminds us that life can not just be about forward movement – sometimes we have to slow down and review. In 2013 all three of the retrogrades occur in water signs. (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces). Mercury in water encourages us to communicate our authentic feelings and what we are perceiving, If you’ve denied how you really feel about a person or situation, Mercury retrograde will re-align you your true feelings. It’s a great time to rediscover personal meaning. It’s important now to share the depth of your emotions with others. Water is all about moods, so make sure you spend time in places that uplift your spirit and have a touch of magic. Your imagination will be strong so it is also a creative time.

Mercury is all about communication. Schedules or your best laid plans can be interrupted on short or, in fact, no notice at all. People can arrive late or not show up at all. Traffic, cars and transportation especially can be a nightmare during this time. If you buy anything during this transit, chances are very high that your purchase will malfunction or need to be returned. If you order something on the Internet, it could arrive only to be the wrong size, item or color. Associates, employees and others will make mistakes that will need to be corrected at a later date. And its better not to sign contracts during this time, but if you have to don’t worry – it’s meant to be. Mercury retrograde has an upside too. You can complete old projects, reconnect with long lost friends, and find things you’ve lost in the past.

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