It’s Body Month in the EF MEDISPA clinics


Now that we’re beyond April showers and summer really does feel like it’s on its way, there’s no better time to start easing yourself into the season with some body-perfecting treatments that still feel like a bit of a treat. Which is exactly why we’re dedicating the month of May to you and your body concerns. Whether you’re one of the twenty-something models who frequent our clinics, or someone a little older who’s dreading the onset of swimsuit season, we women have a shared desire to have smooth, radiant skin, be free from cellulite – and foster a slim healthy version of ourselves. So Biologique Recherche have listened to these concerns and answered women’s prayers with a trio of treatments tailored to meeting your needs.

Want smoother, softer and scale-free skin that’s the perfect canvas for your fake tan? Then the Lotion P50 Pour Corps, skin preparation treatment is for you. Yes, the famous and beloved P50 Lotion has been transposed to the body – and the exfoliating, radiance-giving benefits are sure to boost your body confidence. £40 for 30 minutes.

If you’re feeling sluggish and bloated, try the Gel d’Algues-Detoxifying Treatment in which the focus is a thermal algae wrap to flush out those toxins and make you feel lighter and brighter. £50 for 60 minutes.

For those with cellulite on their mind and dimples on their behind, the Anti-C Slimming Programme is for you. A secret skin weapon of a liquid to powder concoction will be whisked up and vigorously massaged into buttocks, upper arms and thighs to oxygenate the skin and really target the orange peel effect. £80 for 90 minutes.

Back home, you can score extra body boosting brownie points with one of BR’s new kits to complement whichever treatment you chose. Make this your month and you won’t call ‘Mayday’ on your body regimen when June rolls round!



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