As you’ll know, I love a good gizmo! So imagine how delighted I was to discover a brand new generation laser, set to revolutionize the way we treat fine lines and facial thread veins. Having coming across the Cutera Xeo Laser at CCRClinical Cosmetic and Reconstructive Expo, the UK’s largest medical aesthetic exhibition – I couldn’t wait to try it for myself. One of the most incredible platforms offered by this new gadget is the co-called ‘LimeLight’. Stronger than traditional pixel lasers, it also has an IPL component, making it ideal for treating everything from fine lines to stubborn pigmentation and veins on the face. Furthermore, as it’s both more powerful and more precise, it’s a fantastic way of getting better than ever results – in fewer treatments with no downtime. Treat yourself to it before a fabulous party or work event and it’ll yield instant results – or build up a course of treatments and after 21 days, you’ll start to see noticeable improvements in plumping and volumizing as it stimulates collagen production. If that wasn’t enough of a discovery, I’ve also had my beady eye on the latest machine from BTL Aesthetics: Seemingly too good to be true, it runs RadioFrequency from one side to the other to target fat cells in a precise manner. So rather than simply tightening the skin, it actually reduces the number of fat cells to make you look slimmer and more toned. In terms of spot fat reduction, it seems like a dream – but ever the cynic, I’ve decided to play guinea pig and put it through its rigorous paces before launching it to customers. So from anti-ageing to fat-busting, watch this space for more updates – the future of gizmos is landing in a clinic near you next year!


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