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At EF MEDISPA we have found more and more clients with highly sensitive and reactive skin. I’ve been working with skin for over thirty five years and I’ve never seen so many people with skin issues that are directly linked to stress before – as with everything in our bodies, everything is linked, so stress and poor diet leads to weakened and under nourished skin. We’re living in a very fast paced, high stress world and people’s skin is reacting to that.

To help combat these issues, EF MEDISPA is using a combination of more traditional techniques with advanced technology and scientific know-how. We’re calling it ‘back to the future’ beauty! A great example of this are the Biologique Recherche facials – these treatments use more traditional manual techniques for lifting and firming the skin, with the most advanced botanical, marine and biological ingredients available. The skincare is akin to prescription preparations and your therapist decides which products to use after a skin analysis using special technology from Biologique Recherche. Every time you have a Biologique Recherche treatment we will analyse your skin to see what issues have improved and what can be worked on. The Biologique Recherche range is vast and means that the facial treatments can be very much tailored to the individual, with special care taken to ensure the ingredients work with even the most sensitive of skin.

We also like to combine our facial treatments with wellbeing treatments, to give an overall better result. For example, we have recently launched the SkinCeuticals Balancing MicroPeel treatments. These balancing treatment combine peels, colonic hydrotherapy and nutrition for the best possible results. So, someone suffering from acne will get a better result with a combination of facials, peels, colonic hydrotherapy and nutritional advice. Someone suffering from a stress related skin issue, such as eczema or psoriasis that flare up when you are stressed, will benefit from the Drip & Chill vitamin infusions, as well as healing facials and LED treatment.

In 2013 I believe facial treatments will be all about a personalised and bespoke service, concentrating both on the external and internal causes of skin issues. So, what you are waiting for? Visit EF MEDISPA for an in-depth consultation and we’ll put together a package to help you have happy skin.

The future is now!

For more information on EF MEDISPA visit www.efmedispa.com or call 0207 937 5554

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