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I’m a firm believer the future of anti-ageing skincare being the use of stem cells – I am really excited about the advance of stem cell technology. I believe the future will be bespoke anti-ageing skincare that incorporates stem cells in some way. Whilst it may not be quite ready in 2013, I am currently monitoring the work of leading medical research scientists, who are at the forefront of using adult stem cells in regenerative medicine. These scientists are developing new technology to alleviate serious medical conditions and inevitably there will be spin-off benefits in the field of anti-aging and regenerative health.

One such treatment which was originally used in medicine and has crossed over to the beauty side, is the AQ Recovery Serum. Available at EF MEDISPA this product has the most effective combination of Growth Factor (stem cells!) and antioxidants that I have been able to find; the highly active ingredients work together to give you younger looking skin. The treatment was originally used to heal burns, but as a beauty treatment it activates skin to repair the signs of ageing with Growth Factor technology. It also calms inflammation and redness caused by skin trauma and rosacea, so is the perfect solution to calm skin after a microneedling procedure. I highly recommend combining this treatment with our MicroFirm machine at EF MEDISPA Chelsea for dramatically smoother and firmer skin!


Stem cells are sexy!

For more information on the AQ Recovery Serum visit www.efmedispa.com or call EF MEDISPA Chelsea on 0207 36877676

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